Jamie Laing shows Closer how to get ‘pardy’ ready

Watch what happened when Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing gave our digital writer Jess a Chelsea-girl makeover.


by Abi Hooper |
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Reality star Jamie Laing is not just a pretty face – he is the brains behind sweetie company Candy Kittens and has his very own recipe book.

In Recipes for Sweet Treats – Jamie and his Candy Kitten gals not only show you how to make their favourite sugary snacks but they also dish out lots of useful girly advice, including how to get ready for a ‘pardy.’

So when Closer HQ had a visit from the man himself, we asked him to share his tips for achieving the perfect ‘pardy’ look. Watch our video to find out what the cheeky Chelsea boy got up to…

To re-create the look, follow Jamie’s step-by-step instructions:

  • Start with concealer - or foundation, which is the same sort of thing – to ‘soothe’ the skin.

  • Then, apply ‘long-lasting’ eyeshadow using your fingertips – for that ‘Pharaoh’ look.

  • Apply mascara to closed eyes – adding some to brows. Note: very important not to have shaky hands while doing this, in fact, it’s the first rule of makeup school…

  • Add a slick of lipstick. According to Jamie, this is most important thing you can wear on a night out, besides your outfit – which hopefully matches your lipstick.

  • Finish with two-in-one blush and highlighter for rosy cheeks.

Now you’re ready for a night out in Chelsea!

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