James Corden speaks out about needing therapy to keep partying at bay


by Sophie Bronstein |
Published on

James Corden has spoken out about needing therapy for three months after becoming famous to help control his partying.

The famous brit has spoken out to the Sunday Mirror about how he struggled to cope with his level of partying and that he benefited from professional help to try and keep his partying at bay.

He told the newspaper that he'd been "going out a lot" after making it big.

He also said: "The truth is, I had to learn how to stay in on my own. Because I was only really going out to not be on my own".

"Sitting down, TV on, eating that - done now, I'll go to sleep, maybe I'll try and read something. Falling asleep and waking up. I realised that's just not something I've ever done or been good at" Corden added.

Just ahead of hosting the Tony Awards tonight, Corden also said "I did a bit of therapy. Three months. I still did go out sometimes, I wasn't a monk! It wasn't even about women, it was just going out and being around attention which I don't think is necessarily good for you".

Hats off to one of our favourite legendary presenters for seeking the help that he needed!

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