Jeff Brazier shares touching photo of Jade Goody’s son Bobby on his 13th birthday

Jade Goody and Jeff Brazier’s son has certainly changed over the past seven years, hasn't he?

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As fans of the late Jade Goody will no doubt be aware, the mum-of-two tragically passed away on Mother’s Day in 2009, following a battle with cervical cancer.

She was just 27-years-old.

The iconic Big Brother star left behind two beautiful little boys, Bobby and Freddy - then aged just five and four - who have since been raised by their doting dad, Jeff Brazier.

Now they're all grown up - and little Bobby is now a young man of thirteen years old.

Taking to Twitter, Jeff shared a rare photo of his and Jade's son on his birthday.

He wrote: “Happy 13th Birthday to this not-so-little one. Flag bearer duties at the #ENGvPOR game as a birthday treat.”

Doesn't he look grown up?

This photo marks a change in Jeff's social media activity, as he previously kept images of his children to a bare minimum.

But, on Mother's Day this year, those in charge of The Jade Goody Memorial Page on Facebook reached out to him for an update on how Bobby and Freddie are getting on after their mother's death.

Jeff, who now works as a counsellor, was all too happy to oblige, sharing two pictures of his sons to show how they've grown.

The first image on the collage featured 11-year-old Freddie, while the upper right picture featured 12-year-old Bobby.

jade goodys kids
jade goodys kids ©facebook: jade goody memorial page

Credit: The Jade Goody Memorial Page, Facebook

Beneath the snapshots was a photograph of the boys when they were much younger, as they spent time with their mother.

jade goodys kids
jade goodys kids ©facebook: jade goody memorial page

Credit: The Jade Goody Memorial Page, Facebook

The montage was shared on the Facebook page, along with the caption: “We get hundreds of questions every week asking how Bobby and Freddy are, and what they both look like now.

“I have spoken to Jeff (the boys’ dad) and he has given me his permission to share with you a recent picture of the boys and with it being Mother's Day, it seemed the perfect time.

“Jade would be so proud of them both and I am sure you will agree they are both beautiful young men.

“Thank you Jeff xx”

Jeff also shared his own update on Twitter, sharing a snapshot of a beautiful bunch of flowers that he and his sons had placed on Jade’s grave.

He also shared a photograph of his boys on Brighton beach, as they enjoyed the wintry sunshine as they remembered their beloved mum.

Jeff wrote: “Paid our respects, had fun on pier & ate large burgers.

“Today went well thanks to the courage & maturity of our boys.”

It is a testament to Jeff that his boys are coping so well - particularly as, in 2014, he revealed that he felt as if he’d let Jade down when it came to helping Bobby and Freddie to grieve.

He explained in a post for The Huffington Post that he has been meaning to take his sons to visit their beloved mum's grave for some time, but kept putting it off for numerous reasons.

And, he wrote emotionally, it had repercussions for the boys.

His youngest son Freddy was sent home from school after losing his temper during class, following a counselling session with Relate.

But he quickly realised that his son's anger wasn't a sign of disobedience, it was a sign of frustration and sadness - and those were the things Jeff felt a duty to help Freddy with.

Jeff wrote: "[It came] from a place of frustration and sadness caused by his grief, the very thing I'm supposed to be helping him and his brother disperse and manage.

"I instantly felt responsible, this flare up would have no doubt been avoided if Mum was kept 'on the table' over the last six months […] instead of under the carpet."

It was the wake-up call that Jeff needed - and he is now committed to helping his sons deal with their grief, not to mention help them build Jade's memory back into their lives.

We think Freddie and Bobby are very lucky to have such an understanding father - and we love that he helps them to remember their mother, and his ex wife, with everything they do.

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