Jacqueline Jossa fans outraged after trolls slam baby Ella as ‘autistic-looking’

Fans of the EastEnders actress were left horrified by ‘sick’ comments left underneath an Instagram photo of baby Ella Selina

Jacqueline Jossa fans outraged after trolls slam baby Ella as \\\'autistic-looking\\\'

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne have been sharing plenty of sun-soaked photographs from their first family holiday with baby Ella.

But the EastEnders actress could never have predicted that a candid snapshot of her gorgeous baby would spark abuse from online trolls.

Dressed in a little floral headband and pink bib, Jac’s little girl looked pretty as a picture at her aunty’s Mediterranean wedding.

While most people were busy commenting on how cute Ella looked, there were, as ever, more than a few trolls amidst the mix.

One wrote cruelly: “She looks like an autistic.”

Another simply slammed her as ‘ugly’.

The remarks sparked outrage amongst the real-life Lauren Branning’s fans, who quickly leapt to little Ella’s defence.

One wrote: “That is disgusting @cbt198, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. That is a defenceless child. Bully.”

Another fumed: “You can't put a look to autism you complete t**t. @jacjossa she's beautiful, taking after her Mummy.”

But our favourites response, by far, was this one:

“Firstly I'll have you know that Autistic children are very beautiful, important, special children.

“Secondly, even if she was, why would it be of any concern to you?

“And, thirdly, you cannot tell by looking at a child if they are autistic! Autism is like a leaf which can branch out from other conditions.

“So zip it shrimpy!”

Jacqueline Jossa, however, has not let the comments phase her.

Instead of focusing her attention on the vile Instagram trolls, she’s been busy enjoying her sister’s wedding and her first holiday as a family.

Quite right, too.

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