I’m A Celeb 2015’s Kieron Dyer donates entire show fee to stillbirth charity

Footballer Kieron Dyer is donating his entire I’m A Celebrity 2015 fee to The Jude Brady Foundation


by Kayleigh Dray |
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It’s official; Kieron Dyer has stolen our hearts already.

The footballer announced that he will be donating his entire I’m A Celeb 2015 fee - the full amount of which has not been disclosed - to charity.

He said: “I am very competitive. But I am not going on the show for money. My fee is going to a charity. I am doing this show for the charity and my children.

“I see the show can revitalise people’s careers, but if someone in the camp wants to further their career in the media, I would rather they win than me.

"My fee is going to a charity. I am doing this show for the charity and my children"

“Obviously if I did win, I’d be over the moon, but it’s not the be all and end all.”

Incredibly wise words, as we're sure you'll agree.

It has since been revealed that the charity receiving the money will be The Jude Brady Foundation, of which Kieron is a patron.

And Peter Brady, the founder of the stillbirth foundation, was incredibly moved by Kieron’s gesture.

He told The Ipswich Star: “Kieron lost his little brother to stillbirth when he was seven, so it is a charity he holds close to his heart.

“He gave us no indication at all. He is a patron of the charity, and has been for a number of years, doing countless things behind the scenes, but this is one that has hit the headlines.”

Kieron Dyer - I'm A Celeb 2015
Kieron Dyer - I'm A Celeb 2015

Peter, who started the charity with his wife Lynn following the loss of their baby boy Jude in 2006, has said that Kieron's selfless gesture has raised an incredible amount of awareness for the charity.

He also explained that the money would help him to achieve the charity’s long-term goal; to help give mothers the privacy they deserve to deliver their stillborn child.

He said: “One of the hardest things when we lost Jude when he was stillborn was that we were in the ward, and it was very difficult in a ward that had perfectly healthy babies.

“We tried not to make it difficult for everyone else there.

“A goal that we would like to achieve for a four or five year plan would be to create a ward somewhere if anyone has lost a baby, they can go and deliver it privately.

“That is a long term goal but Kieron’s donation may kick-start that.”

Do you think more celebrities should, like Kieron Dyer, donate their I'm A Celeb 2015 fee to charity?

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