Hot body secrets: Dita Von Teese

Hot body secrets: Dita Von Teese


by Maggie Hitchins |
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Burlesque star Dita Von Teese, 40, reveals how horse riding, Pilates and veggie smoothies ensure she is in great shape for the stage.

Dita, who’s 5ft 3 and weighs 8st 3lbs, tries to exercise every day when not touring, and has started an unusual fitness routine.

‘I started doing dressage in April’ the petit star told Closer.

‘I knew nothing about horses but

‘I've trained my body to enjoy things that are healthy. If you stop eating sugar, your body doesn't want sugar anymore’

I’d been through a break-up and wanted to do something that would require my 100 per cent focus,’

‘Dressage is great for co-ordination and core strength, which I need for my shows’ she added.

The star now rides four times a week and aims to do a Pilates class four to five times a week, mostly with LA Pilates guru Mari Winsor.

‘Pilates is great for toning the body and we do a series of exercises for my butt. It’s important for me to care about how I look from the rear.’

And although she confesses she ‘knows nothing about the gym’ she admits that she benefits from working out.

‘I have more energy and can walk strongly in high heels when I’ve been working out. I’m definitely a better performer,’ she said.


Dita starts every morning with the Glowing Green Smoothie made of 70 per cent green foods – such as spinach, romaine lettuce, rocket, coriander and parsley – and 30 per cent fruit, such as pears, apples and bananas.

‘I've trained my body to enjoy things that are healthy. If you stop eating sugar, your body doesn't want sugar anymore’ she said.

‘I haven't had a soda in 15 years!’

‘I have better knowledge of my body and how to treat it. Between 18 and 20 I was a few pounds heavier, as I used to drink fizzy drinks and eat fast food,’ she explains.

‘I drink green smoothies with spinach, kale, and dark leafy greens mixed with fruit. Then something salady for lunch and then I can eat what I want at night. Ever since I stopped eating a big breakfast of eggs, toast and cereal, I feel so much better.’

‘I like to indulge, but only when the food is worth the calories!’ she laughs. Her favourite ‘cheat’ foods include cookies, crisps and guacamole, crunchy sweets and Indian food.

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