Homeless Danniella Westbrook hits back at Twitter troll: ‘F**k off you melt!’

Daniella Westbrook's on-off boyfriend Tom Richards came to her defence when she was attacked by online bullies


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Danniella Westbrook was happily chatting to her on-off boyfriend Tom Richards on social media when a Twitter troll began slamming her for her homeless status.

The 41-year-old had tweeted Tom: "Bet your happy your not in Narberth this Christmas…

"You might get sent a v.o in ya Christmas card x Maybe a stocking [sic]."

Interrupting the conversation, the troll then wrote: "Narberth is a whole lot better than living in a homeless shelter!! #YouGotNoFans."

The former soapstar's 24-year-old beau was quick to leap to her defence, writing furiously: "F**k off you melt [sic]."

But the 'bully' continued: "I'd rather be melt than be living in a homeless shelter #YouGotNoFans.

"At least I can afford to eat pies in my own house! #YouGotNoFans."

Danniella, in one last attempt to silence the Twitter troll, wrote angrily: "I'm glad you can afford to eat what you want...

"Why don't you stop bullying me you nasty bit of work... #Bully #Nasty [sic]."

Thankfully that message seems to have done the trick - and brave Danniella later revealed that, despite the online attack, she is feeling much more positive about her situation.

She wrote: "Got so much done today - the sun's out and positivity is in the air."

Danniella, who is mum to son Kai and daughter Jody, split from her cage-fighter fiancé Tom Richards, 24, last month.

It was recently reported that Tom had been arrested after an argument at Danniella’s home resulted in Kai being hospitalised.

Of her current situation, Danniella said: “I always think if you mess up, the best way is to put your hands up and say I’ve done wrong. There’s no point in sweeping things under the carpet.”

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