Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Waring slams friend Kym Marsh for ‘dating her ex’

Stephanie Waring has branded Kym Marsh ‘heartless’ for dating her ex boyfriend Dan Hooper.


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Hollyoaks actress Stephanie, 35, revealed she was ‘devastated’ to find out close friend Kym, 37, was seeing Dan, who she was with for five years.

Stephanie and Dan also have a three-year-old daughter together, and the actress claims when she attempted to discuss it with Kym, she received a text saying: ‘Sh*t happens.’

Kym and Dan, 31, have been pictured together recently, sparking rumours of a relationship.

Stephanie said she was devastated to find out Kym is seeing Dan
Stephanie said she was devastated to find out Kym is seeing Dan

Speaking to a UK newspaper, Stephanie said: “She’s carried on with him knowing what it’s done to me. It’s killing me.

“I considered her a friend who I’ve known for years. I had no idea that she would ever do anything like this. There is an unwritten rule that if you are friends with somebody you don’t go near their ex partners.”

The fact that she and Dan have a child together makes the situation worse, Stephanie said, and she admitted she thinks Kym is more in the wrong than him.

However, Kim says there is nothing going on between her and Dan

She said: “He’s a free and single man who can do as he pleases. But Kym I actually considered a friend. It’s left me in bits. She’s heartless.”

But Kym has hit back at Stephanie, with her spokesperson saying: “Kym is very upset that Stephanie feels the way she does and is disappointed that she has chosen to sell her story to a newspaper rather than speak to her directly.

“Kym and Dan are not in a relationship but have both been single for some time and are entitled to socialise with whomever they wish. Kym has more dignity than to respond further.”

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