Holly Willoughby talks baby dreams: ‘Children were my one goal in life’

Holly Willoughby has revealed how she balances her work as a TV presenter with being a mum to Harry, Belle and Chester.

Holly Willoughby talks baby dreams: \'Children were my one goal in life\'

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Holly Willoughby has been away on maternity leave from This Morning and Celebrity Juice, following the birth of her third son Chester.

But she's set to make her much-anticipated return this month - and she's admitted that, while she doesn't feel very different since becoming a mum for the third time, she is far more content than ever before.

Speaking with the Daily Record, she said: “I feel exactly the same, except I’ve achieved my one dream goal in life – to have a big family.

“This was my grand plan in life, to have children, to be all about family.”

However the 34-year-old is happy to return to work - and head out on a few nights out with her rock'n'roll friends - because she knows her own mum will be there to help out whenever she needs it.

Holly Willoughby and Dan Baldwin
Holly Willoughby and Dan Baldwin

She said: “My mum is with them now. I knew I was going to The Brits tonight and it’s my first fun night out since having Chester, so I’m excited and a bit scared all in one.

“I’m going with Fearne Cotton, my sister and Gino D’Acampo’s wife Jess.

“Mum will do the midnight feed but he’ll wake up at 4am and I’ll still have to get up with him tomorrow.”

Holly Willoughby

Meanwhile Keith Lemon (aka Leigh Francis' character) has revealed that he is VERY happy to have Holly back from maternity leave - particularly as it means she'll be back on the sauce for the 13th series.

He told the Daily Star: “What’s exciting about the new series is having Holly back on the booze because the last series she wasn’t there, and the series before she wasn't drinking.”

Bet he’s not happy that his other team captain Fearne Cotton is up the duff, then!

We can't wait to see Holly back on our telly boxes - how about you? Let us know via out comments box below.

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