Holly Willoughby shuts down Piers Morgan in best way possible

Holly Willoughby & Piers Morgan

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Holly Willoughby refused to let Piers Morgan's comments ruffle her feathers too much

As many of you will already know, ITV are bringing out their OWN dating show to rival Channel 4’s First Dates.

But, as always, there’s a twist.

Yup, Meet The Parents asks us to imagine a world where our first date isn’t with the person we were hoping to perhaps begin a relationship with – but with their parents instead.

Yup, they can ask the parents any question they like about their son or daughter – from relationship histories to bad habits and cringeworthy stories.

Sounds like good telly, right?

The series is set to be hosted by Holly Willoughby, who’ll be overseeing all of the parental overshares.

Clearly excited about the new show, Holly shared the application details onto her Twitter feed.

She captioned it: “Go on... What have you got to loose [sic]”

However it wasn’t long before Piers Morgan was there to point out that she’d make a mistake.

“Our spelling skills?” he respond dryly.

Yup, you probably spotted it too; she wrote ‘loose’ instead of ‘lose’.

And, you know, there was no question mark. Not that we’re picky or anything.

Either way, Holly didn’t let it rattle her.

“Sorry… it’s not my strong point,” she said.

Piers promptly replied: “We’re never dating until it improves…”

And this is where Holly decided to seize the blessed opportunity that the Daily Mail columnist had dangled in front of her.

“Yoove got urselve a deel @piersmorgan qqq [sic]”

Annnnnnd this is why we love her so!

We guess that Piers won’t be sending red roses to Holly’s dressing room anytime soon after THAT little tweet.

Good work, Holls.

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