Holly Willoughby has DIVIDED her fans with this photo

Holly Willoughby

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Fans of Holly Willoughby were not impressed with her latest Instagram post

It seems that Holly Willoughby may have lost a few fans after she posted a “controversial” photo on Instagram.

Holly is one of our favourite celebs for plenty of reasons; she’s an amazing mum, she’s a lovely presenter and of course we LOVE her This Morning outfits.

Although, recently plenty of her fans haven’t reacted well after she posted a photo of herself and Piers Morgan in a car after they had lunch together. Sharing the photo on Instagram, she wrong alongside it: "Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan… Thank you for a wonderful lunch"

Holly Willoughby Piers Morgan
Fans were not impressed after Holly posted a photo with Piers (Credit: Instagram / hollywilloughby) ©Instagram / hollywilloughby

Unfortunately for Holly she might not have expected the reaction she received, hundreds of people have commented on the photo and expressing their disappointment that the TV presenter is friends with controversial Piers.

One person wrote: "What the f--k holly"

Another question: "Why @hollywilloughby would you lower yourself to this! He's a disgusting misogynist who has no respect for women, refugees, LGBTQI people or anyone who doesn't agree with his pal Donald's agenda”

Someone else simply said: "Unfollowed"

Piers Morgan Emma Watson
It's safe to say that Piers is a controversial character (Credit: ITV)

A fourth person commented: "Oh no! Holly! How could you be happy to be with that vile man. Feel like I don't like you anymore"

“I am disappointed that you would have lunch with a racist mysoginist creep like Piers Morgan,” another added.

Holly Willoughby
Some of Holly's fans didn't see what all the fuss was about (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Luckily though, not all her fans were upset, some people were happy about the duo having lunch. One person wrote: "Can I go with you next time? Love you both"

Another speculated: "Oh what are you pair planning...lovely picture."

A third fan said: “Gorgeous photo of the both of you”

We doubt Piers will be offended all at the negative messages, he commented on the photo himself and wrote: "Delightful fun, Ms Willoughby. Though not quite as much fun as reading the thrilled reaction from your fans..."

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