Holly Willoughby loses cool with ‘insufferable snob’ Katie Hopkins


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She's normally known for her calm demeanour, but yesterday Holly Willoughby could not contain her anger when a former Apprentice contestant said she judges a child's class - and whether her own children should mix with them - by their name.

Speaking on This Morning, Katie, 38, said that a name ‘summarises everything.'

She said: ‘a name for me is a shortcut, an efficient way of working out what class that child comes from, and do I want my children to play with them?’

Katie Hopkins
Katie Hopkins

She went on to list names such as Tyler, Charmaine and Chardonnay as names of children that she wouldn’t let her youngsters play with.

‘There's a whole set of things that go with children like that and that's why I don't like those sorts of children,’ she added.

When Holly asked if Katie’s opinions are restricting her children, the reality star agreed, ‘yes.’

A visibly shocked Holly replied: ‘Why would you do that?! You must have missed out on so much in your life.’

When the debate descended into a row between the women, a usually mild-mannered Holly apologised for losing her temper.

‘Sorry, I can’t help but get involved,’ said the presenter.

Katie, who said she disapproves of geographical names, was branded an ‘insufferable snob’ by her fellow guest and was challenged by Philip Schofield who was quick to point out she named one of her own children ‘India.’

Mother of two Holly vowed that, unlike Katie, she would never judge a child by their name, to which Katie reiterated:

'I do judge children by their names’

‘Thats terrible,’ said Holly, ‘listen to what you're saying - you judge children by their names - its extraordinary.

Finally losing her cool, the exasperated presenter cut off her guest at the end of the interview by snapping: ‘Oh stop… stop right there.’

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