Holly Willoughby gets real about her post-baby body: ‘It gave me three beautiful children!’


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Many people would agree that Holly Willoughby has an amazing figure, and now the This Morning presenter has spoken out about how she really feels about her body.

Speaking on Lorraine, Holly explained how having children has changed her perspectives about herself: "I view my body in a very different way to when I was younger."

"My body gave me three beautiful children… It's incredible what your body can do and when you feed your children – it's incredible!"

The bubbly TV personality was on maternity leave for a year in 2014 after the birth of her son Chester.


Also mother to older son Harry and daughter Belle, Holly has been brutally honest about her experience of childbirth in her new book 'Truly Happy Baby…It Worked For Me'.

"There is nothing I have kept a secret…I have been quite honest about my own experiences, even the most embarrassing stuff."

"I talk quite openly about after you've given birth – one of the scariest thing you'll have to do is go to the loo for the first time."

When quizzed about whether she was going to have any more children, Holly implied that her baby-making days with husband Dan Baldwin were over.

"It makes me really sad to think that I won't go through that again because I loved it so much."

"But I do look at my three children and I think 'I feel like my family is all here now'." She added. "I feel complete."

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