Holly Willoughby admits fear of flying after terrifying mid-air experience

'I thought I was going to die!'

Holly WIlloughby and Phillip Schofield

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In a segment on conquering your phobias, This Morning’s Holly Willoughby revealed she’s had a fear of flying – ever since presenting a show on the very same phobia.

Holly Willoughby flying phobia

The 35-year-old showbiz stalwart said: "I did a show called Fear of Flying and my fear of it started there."

Holly shared a clip of her in a stunt plane where the G-force of barrel roles and nose dives sent her heart rate soaring. She can be heard screaming: "Please make it stop. No! No! No!"

Holly Willoughby flying phobia

Holly and Phillip were joined on the sofa by therapist couple Nick and Eva Speakmans who have been helping Holly to overcome her anxiety.

Holly confessed: "Honestly, watching that makes me feel upset.

"When I go on a plane, I feel like we’re going to go towards the ground. That’s where I’m at."

Nick talked about the progress they’ve made in therapy, explaining: "It was interesting talking to you, finding that thing that made it all click."

Holly said: "As soon as they said it was more about the pilot it's like a switch went off in my head."

Eva added: "It’s all about understanding where it comes from. You had an instillation which was really apparent, so through addressing that we can change your fear."

Holly Willoughby flying phobia

Holly said the real test will be her next flight which is fast approaching.

She admitted: "My mum used to be an air hostess and I used to love flying."

So perhaps she’ll enjoy being airborne again?

A bemused Phillip said: "You have to take a picture of yourself on the plane and send it in to us."

Stay safe Holly, you'll straighten up and fly right.

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