Holly Hagan shows of svelte figure in fitness selfies

Holly Hagan has been showing off her slim figure in a series of ‘motivational’ selfies


by Fiona Day |
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MTV’s Holly Hagan has had jaws dropping to the floor with her latest Instagram selfies.

Holly posted a revealing snap on her account, writing: “Trying bikinis on keeping me motivated for going away! Sticking to my #bodybible until then.”

The Geordie Shore star shared an array of selfies, posing in various revealing outfits, obviously chuffed that her hard work was paying off.

The reality star recently admitted that she is ‘scared’ of putting the weight back on.

She told the Mail Online: ‘Every time we go in to film [Geordie Shore] we have to come to terms with the fact we are drinking a lot, we are going to eat crap, and we haven't got time to train.

“We will put on about half a stone but we have to be sensible with it by not eating crap the next day and trying to get up in the morning and training.”

Though Holly’s health has improved since she started eating more healthily, she says her sex life has in no way suffered.

Holly with boyfriend Kyle Christie

In fact, the 22-year-old even reckons that she had ‘more sex’ before she started dieting.

“I probably s******d more when I was fatter to be honest,” she explained.

“Me and [my boyfriend and co-star] Kyle had great sex even when I was fat. He is not bothered, he doesn't care, he still s***s me when I am fat.”

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