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Sheree Murphy Richie Neville Hits Radio

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Sherree Murphy and Ritchie Neville are the latest stars to be signed to brand new radio station Hits Radio - joining Gethin Jones, Gemma Atkinson and Sarah-Jane Crawford

The station is the only national commercial radio station to be broadcast out of Manchester, from the regions to the rest of the UK.

Sheree Murphy – best known for her role as Tricia Dingle in Emmerdale - will host a brand new Sunday morning show on Hits Radio alongside Wes Butters.

Wes and Sheree will unite listeners as part of the Sunday Squad – sharing what they’re up to to make the weekend brilliant. And not only that, Sheree will put her acting skills to test as she reads out a movie scene – with the listeners having to guess what the movie is.

In additIon, Richie Neville - best known as a member of boy band Five - is joining Hits Radio to present a brand new throwback show celebrating the very best of the '90s and '00s every Sunday night.

Emmerdale spoilers: Is Lachlan White about to strike again?


Emmerdale spoilers 19 June - Friday 22 June

Lachlan White1 of 20

New guy Freddy has a juicy offer for Belle

Belle Dingle spots an opportunity for Whingles with potential business partner and investor Freddy. Sounds promising, right?

Amelia Spencer2 of 20

Where is Amelia?

Little Amelia Spencer is still missing and Kerry Wyatt and Dan Spencer are sick with worry. Their suspicions about Daz Spencer's involvement with her disappearance are raised when the police take him away for questioning.

Brenda Walker3 of 20

Brenda and Doug have a secret

Following their smooch, Brenda Walker and Doug Potts have a secret which could be exposed sooner than they'd like…

Belle Dingle4 of 20

Belle in the Big Smoke?

When Freddy invites Belle to work in the London office for a year, she's tempted to head down to the Big Smoke. Something tells us that her boyfriend Lachlan White (the jealous, murderous type) won't be quite as happy with the idea. Priya Sharma urges Belle to accept the job offer in London. Will she take it?

Daz Spencer5 of 20

Did Daz take Amelia?

The police bring up evidence that links Amelia's abduction to Daz. Could he really have been involved in this?

Priya Sharma and Lachlan White6 of 20

Lachlan stirs things

Belle suggests to Freddy that both she and Lachlan become trainees in the business. Freddy rejects the idea. Uh-oh, does he know who he's messing with here? Lachlan stirs things for Belle by telling Freddy that she's not going to take the job. A furious Belle assures Freddy that actually, yes, she is indeed going to accept the offer. This is NAT looking good, guys.

Cain Dingle7 of 20

What's Cain up to?

Moira Barton is suspicious when Cain Dingle hastily puts his phone away. What's he up to this time?

Chas Dingle8 of 20

Chas makes a tough decision

Troubled Chas Dingle tells a worried Paddy Kirk that she can't abort their baby.

Dan Spencer9 of 20

Dan gets frustrated

The police release Daz without charge and Dan is FURIOUS about it.

Dan spencer10 of 20

Dan lashes out

He confronts his brother with a wrench and threatens him. Not the best move there, Dan.

Bob Hope11 of 20

White flag

Laurel Thomas, Bob Hope and Brenda decide to stay friendly for the sake of Cathy and Heath. How long will that last, then?

Daz spencer12 of 20

Daz makes a confession

Daz makes a shocking confession to Dan who orders him to stay away. What could it be?

Paddy Kirk13 of 20

Poor Paddy

Paddy supports Chas but it's clear that he's struggling with her decision.

Cain Dingle14 of 20

Who's spying?

Outside Butlers, someone watches Cain and Moira as they head inside...

Holly Barton15 of 20

Is Holly barton back?

Brenda Walker and Laurel Thomas fight16 of 20

Laurel vs Brenda

We knew it wouldn't be too long before Laurel and Brenda came to blows...

Laurel Thomas17 of 20


We just didn't know it would involve throwing lots of food at each other.

Doug Potts Bob Hope18 of 20

Food everywhere

Prepare for lots of LOLZ.

Lachlan White Freddy murder19 of 20

Lachlan follows Freddy

Priya gets a lil bit drunk and falls asleep in Lachlan's front car seat while he follows Freddy. As Freddy parks in a hotel carpark, Lachlan prepares to attack him with a stone that he's stashed in the car.

Lachlan White murders Freddy20 of 20

What will Lachlan do?

Will he go through with his rushed plan? Will Priya wake up in time to catch him out? And who will get hurt? We can't cope.

Sheree Murphy said: “The weekends are precious – join our Sunday squad, enjoy our brilliant music and let’s have a laugh together."

Richie Neville added: “This is going to be such a fun show, with all the very best throwback songs from the '90s and '00s - two of my favourite decades and a whole host of memories“.

Listen to Wes and Sheree every Sunday morning from 9am-12pm and Ritchie Neville‘s Throwback Songs from the '90s and '00s every Sunday night 7-10pm.

Hits Radio will broadcast on DAB Digital Radio, Freeview, online and on listen apps across the UK. In Manchester, the station will also broadcast on FM. For more information go to

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