Helen Wood: ‘Scorned wife Katie Price taught her kids it’s ok to be treated like a mug’

Helen Wood slammed Katie Price for taking back cheating hubby Kieran Hayler, insisting she has set her children a ‘bad example’


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Katie Price and Kieran Hayler - who split temporarily last year due to his affair with her best friend Jane Pountney - recently renewed their wedding vows.

"Being strong would be to get that filthy stinking b*****d out of the FAMILY home that he risked for a s**g"

But, while most people were happy for the mum-of-five, Helen Wood (who made headlines after she allegedly had a threesome with Wayne Rooney in 2010) has slammed the former glamour model for being a bad example to her children.

Writing in her Daily Star column, Helen said scathingly: "During CBB, I saw a lot of teenage girls writing about how strong and amazing [Katie Price] is to put ‘it’ behind her and move on.

“Sorry, what? Being strong would be to get that filthy stinking b***d out of the FAMILY home that he risked for a sg.

"All this about men/women being sex maniacs or having a "problem" is a load of b****cks.

"Not being able to keep your nether regions in your kecks isn't an illness, it's called being a dirty rat."

Kieran Hayler and Katie Price
Kieran Hayler and Katie Price

Helen went on to slam Katie for taking a cheating man back into her family home, insisting it will teach her children Harvey, Princess, Junior, Jett Riviera, and Bunny, the wrong message.

"Why raise your kids around falseness and teach then that its normal to be treated like a mug and accept it?” she wrote.

“As much as it hurts, get rid, get gone and move the f*** on to someone who deserves you.”

Helen acknowledged that she herself had played the role of the Other Woman, but insisted: "Yes I’ve been the “other woman", whatever you want to call it, but he or she was never my problem."


Do you agree with Helen Wood’s comments - should a mother refrain from welcoming a cheating partner back into her home? Or do you believe people DO deserve second chances?

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