Helen Wood blasts Protein World protesters: ‘A girl with a good body should be celebrated!’

Helen Wood has laid into the Protein World protesters and insisted they're jealous.


by Jack White |
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Following the controversy surrounding the food supplement brand's #BeachBodyReady campaign, protesters gathered in London's Hyde Park on Saturday to protest against that advertisements.

The ads feature a slim woman wearing a yellow bikini, and ask the question 'Are you beach body ready?'

Big Brother star Helen has claimed that any woman against the ads is simply jealous.

Writing in her column for the Daily Star, Helen said: "What are these miserable aeh*s moaning about? They don't have a body like Sam Faiers or Luisa Zissman?

"They don't eat healthily? They don't think fitness is important? They don't have sex? THEY HATE MEN?"

Helen admitted that seeing women like the one in the adverts inspires her to want to be in shape.

She continued: "What sends me round the bend is how these grumpy whining feminists think it's okay to ridicule and target women who want to be a good example.

"A girl showing off a good body due to regular exercise and eating her greens should be celebrated as a positive role model."

Finishing her rant, Helen said nobody should comment on how other people choose to look.

She added: "If you're not happy in yourself, get off your a**e and do something about it. And don't judge others for how they live or look."

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