Gwen Stefani reveals she was blindsided by ‘unexpected’ marriage split

After plenty of speculation about the circumstances of their break up, Gwen Stefani has revealed she was blindsided by her split from Gavin Rossdale.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Sitting down with DJ Jojo Wright on Monday, Stefani admitted the break up over the summer was ‘unexpected,’ and that she didn’t see it coming.

Gwen and Gavin, who were married for 13 years before their divorce this year, were seen as one of the more stable showbiz relationships - having met in their youth as touring musicians.

Fast forward a decade however, and things started to fall apart, although songstress Gwen admits she still has no idea what happened.

'Everybody knows that my life blew up last February. I'd just been dealing with that. Unexpected. I was going along thinking that was going to be the rest of my life and it's not. I don't know what happened,' she told the DJ.

The lyrics to her most recent solo single ‘Used to Love You’ echo that sentiment, reading:

‘Yeah, boy. Never thought this would happen. I let it sink in. You're gone. I don't know, know what I'm feeling. I must be dreaming. You're gone.'

Stefani admitted that she wrote the lyrics during the ‘epicentre of the whole thing,’ even though she had no idea it would turn into the song it did.

After Gavin and Gwen filed for divorce in August, Gwen has begun a relationship with her Voice co-star Blake Shelton.

Blake too exited a relationship this year, ending his four year marriage with country singer Miranda Lambert.

According to TMZ, ex Gavin is suspicious over the timing of Gwen’s new relationship - with a source saying he has thoughts they may have become ‘more than friends’ before the official end of her marriage to him.

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