Grieving Zoë Ball takes to Twitter to thank fans for their support


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Devastated Zoë Ball has thanked fans on Twitter for their support as she grieves for her boyfriend Billy Yates

Zoë Ball has taken to Twitter to thank fans for their continued support whilst she grieves for her boyfriend Billy Yates.

Billy tragically killed himself just over two weeks ago. He was found dead in his flat in South London by friends.

It has since been reported that Zoë was the one to sound the alarm, ringing his friends to check on him after she couldn't get through to his phone.

Zoë was the one to sound the alarm when she couldn't get through to Billy's phone (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

A source told The Sunday Mirror that Zoë had been trying to get in touch with Billy, and became alarmed when he didn't answer his phone after several tries as it was unlike him to not answer his phone to her.

They said: "That's when she raised the alarm to his friend who went round to check – and found him. She and all of his friends are devastated. They were very close."

The Radio 2 DJ has understandably been keeping out of the public eye, having only tweeted occasionally to retweet a post from her management company.

However, after the showing of the BBC documentary Life After Suicide, which follows a mum-of-two in the months after her husband's suicide, Zoë returned to Twitter to thank the BBC for airing the documentary.

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She has also now started to respond to fans who have tweeted their support - many of whom have also lost loved ones to suicide.

One particularly tweet resounded with Zoë. Rachel Southwood wrote to her: "My heart goes out to you. You must be sad, bewildered and wondering what the point is. Sending you strength."

Zoë responded saying: "Pretty much spot on. Thank you for your kindness. Means so very much."


Others have come forward over the past couple of weeks to send their support and love to Zoë, who had been in a relationship with Billy since the beginning of the year.

Many sent their own similar stories of loss to Zoë, who, even in the depths of her own despair, could find it in herself to send her condolences and love to those people.


It is a testament to her character that she was able to offer her sympathies in such a heartfelt way.

Our thoughts are with Zoë and Billy's families at this difficult time. ❤️

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