Gogglebox’s Stephen Webb celebrates special anniversary with hubby Daniel Lustig

They're one of our favourite telly couples

Stephen Webb Daniel Lustig

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Gogglebox’s longest serving sofa critic, Stephen Webb, is celebrating his three year wedding anniversary with hubby Daniel Lustig.

Taking to Instagram to share a gushing tribute to his long-haired lover, Stephen wrote, “Three years ago today I married this div @luvstig75 seven years together, three weddings and a sh-t load of cocktails! Happy anniversary boo xxx”.


Fans of the duo flooded the comments with well wishes, with one writing, “Congratulations to you both. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching your exploits on the #Gogglebox so thank you for bringing the joy! Sending all our love from Maidenhead x Mark Tier4 x #keepshining”.

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CREDIT: Channel 4/ Gogglebox

Stephen and Pat

Stephen has been on the show since the very FIRST series, having previously sat next to his ex-boyfriend Christopher Butland-Steed, who departed in 2017. He's now joined by his mum Pat.

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Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb

However - after Stephen tied the knot in June 2018, his photographer husband Daniel Lustig-Webb has been appearing on the show. Although viewers missed his mum Pat, others loved the new pairing.

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The Siddiqui Family

Baasit, Umar and their dad, Sid. Other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance and the mum and daughters occasionally pop in.

Bill and Josef4 of 21
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Bill and Josef

Bill Hartston and Josef Kollar have been best friends since meeting seventeen years ago at a Monopoly charity walk. They joined the show in series two and don't feature loads, but when they do, they're hilarious.

The Malone Family5 of 21
CREDIT: Channel 4/Gogglebox

The Malone Family

Tom and Julie and their two sons Tom Jnr and Shaun have been on the show since series four, and are a total fan-favourite. Their house is also full of dogs. So many dogs. One's called Dave. They're from Manchester.

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Jenny and Lee

Best friends Jenny and Lee have us in stitches with their commentary from the sofa. They've been on the show since 2014 and live in Hull.

Giles and Mary7 of 21
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Giles and Mary

Giles Wood, an artist, and writer Mary Killen apparently have a cupboard full of broken crockery or a "mending cupboard". They're also friends with Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel. They've been on the show since 2015 and live in Wiltshire.

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Ellie and Izzi

Sisters Ellie and Izzi are our spirit animals with their array of take-away foods every Friday night. They first appeared on the show in series six, and are from Leeds.

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Dave and Shirley

Dave and Shirley live in Caerphilly and are highly entertaining on the ol' telly box, having been on the show since series six in 2015.

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Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan

Three brothers Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer joined Gogglebox in early 2017 for series eight.

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Amira and Iqra

Amira and Iqra are two pals from London whose infectious giggles leave us in stitches. They joined the show in series 10 with their friend Amani, but now it's just the two of them.

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The Worthingtons

Alison and her husband George, along with her daughter Helena, joined the show in series 10 (2017) and live in Salford, Manchester, according to Helena's Twitter bio.

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Pete and Sophie Sandiford

Brother and sister double act Pete and Sophie are absolutely HILARIOUS. Their blunt opinions and excellent puns make for brilliant television, and have been making us chuckle since they joined in series 10 (2017). They live in Blackpool.

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The Ven family

Marcus, Mica, Sachelle and Shuggy joined the Gogglebox cast for series 11 in 2018.

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John and Beryl

Series 12 newbies John and Beryl have divided their nation with their fractious relationship and regular bickering, but we love em.

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Abby and Georgia

Relative newcomers Abby and Georgia have been hugely popular among viewers, joining the show in series 12 (2018). They're from Durham.

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The Lampard family

Essex sister Olivia and Grace as well as mum Jacquie are fresh Goggleboxers, having joined the show in series 13 (2019).

Paige and Sally18 of 21
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Paige and Sally

Paige and Sally joined the show's 14th series and are the latest mother and daughter duo to be included in the programme. The pair are from Birmingham and Paige, 23, is a business development manager, while Sally, 53, is a carer for the disabled and elderly.

Sue and Steve19 of 21
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Sue and Steve

Sue and Steve are husband and wife from South London. Sue is semi-retired, while Steve is a cab driver. They are both 64-years-old and joined Gogglebox when series 14 started airing (2019).

David and Emma20 of 21
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David and Emma

David and Emma are the latest father/daughter duo on the Channel 4 programme. They joined the show during series 14 and have left viewers in stitches with their hilarious remarks.

Anne and Ken21 of 21
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Anne and Ken

Anne and Beryl joined the show's 15th series and are full of comedy one liners. The pair have been married for 50 years and when viewers were first introduced to the pair, Ken gave Anne 50 roses to represent how many years they have been together. CUTE.

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“Congratulations to an amazingly funny and entertaining couple. Muchos love,” said another, while one more wrote, “You're a lucky bugger, and that's from a straight guy what a fantastic couple love you both have a fantastic Christmas.”

Stephen may be the longest running cast member on the show, joining way back in 2013, but his on-screen sofa-mate has gone through a number of incarnations since he first appeared alongside then boyfriend, Chris Ashby-Steed.

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Chris and Stephen dated for a time before deciding to continue on the show as friends, but in 2018 was replaced by Stephen’s mum Pat, before Daniel took over.

Speaking of his exit from the show Chris later claimed Stephen ended the pair's Channel 4 production deal over email without telling him.

"After he sent that email I didn’t speak to him for a little while because I was hurt by it," he explained at the time.

"Then the studio called and said they would like to offer us the position back on Gogglebox. I spoke to Stephen and his attitude was ‘I’m not sure I can put up with you every other week filming’. Which was a bit of a blow."

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