Giovanna Fletcher opens up about becoming a mother: “I cried more than I’ve ever cried in my life”

Giovanna Fletcher, wife of McFly star Tom, has opened up about her first month of motherhood, admitting ‘it was overwhelming.’


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She and Tom welcomed baby boy Buzz last month, and she has admitted that it was hard for both of them to adjust.

Writing in her UK magazine blog, she said: “We were suddenly faced with the reality of having this little human being who was dependent on Tom and I for everything!

“And I mean, everything. I don’t think it’s too surprising that it all became a little overwhelming. I cried a lot, more than I’ve ever cried in my life.”

Giovanna admitted she struggled with trying to make everyone think she was the 'perfect mum'
Giovanna admitted she struggled with trying to make everyone think she was the 'perfect mum'

Giovanna went on to talk about the pain she felt when she had to take Buzz back to the hospital just eight days after he was born due to an infection he had in his eye and finger.

She said: “Seeing him in pain as they placed the cannula in his hand was one of the most heart breaking things I’ve ever witnessed. Although those five days were worrying, they forced me to stop and just gave us time on our own with our newborn.”

She admitted that up until that point she had been trying so hard to be seen as ‘the perfect mum’ and, by trying to do it all on little rest meant she ended up getting an infection herself.

Sadly, the combination of sleep deprivation, hormones and physical pain led Giovanna to believe she wasn’t up to the job of being a mum. “I’m pleased that, now that the cloud has lifted, I can get on with giving Buzz the love he deserves,” She said.

“The sunny days over the last couple of weeks have lifted my spirits immeasurably. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to get out of the house with Buzz.”

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