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Kerry's cash fears: with reports she's on the verge of a third bankruptcy, mum-to-be Kerry Katona is becoming increasingly anxious about supporting her growing family.

Jordan: "Pete won't come near me – it's as if I'm a monster." Find out why the former couple's feud has become even more bitter…

Anxious Posh: "I can't bear to be separated from David." As Becks seals the deal to buy a US football club, Posh worries about their long-distance love.

Read our exclusive interview with Martine McCutcheon, who tells us she's learning to enjoy life again after struggling with depression and money worries.

Find out how Lily Allen dropped two dress sizes to get her size 8 "rock star" body!

Plus we’ve got real-life stories to make your jaw drop! Here’s what to expect this week:

Closer investigates the shocking new trend for teenagers to get Botox – and reveals how easy it is to find doctors willing to inject a fresh-faced 16-year-old.

Meet the outrageous mum who dresses her four-year-old girl as a "sexy little vixen" in a bid to win beauty pageants – and complains other mothers are too scared to put their children in revealing outfits.

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