Geri Horner says Spice Girls fans DESERVE a reunion


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Geri Horner (AKA Halliwell) has revealed that she would be well up for a Spice Girls reunion

One of the biggest disappointments of last year was that Spice Girl reunion that didn't happen.

Women and girls around the country had been geared up since at LEAST three years previously when it suddenly dawned on us all that the 20th anniversary of their signing to Virgin Records and the release of absolute CLASSIC Wannabe - which will forever go down in karaoke history.

It's everyone's go-to karaoke song (Credit: Virgin Records) ©Virgin Records

You know we're right.

Victoria Beckham ruled herself out of the reunion almost straight away, but there was a bit of controversy when Mel C dropped out as she basically said that the other three shouldn't do it without them.


Geri, Emma and Mel B created GEM for the 20th anniversary (Credit: Twitter/ GEM) ©Twitter/ GEM

They decided to anyway, reuniting to form GEM (cleverly using the first initials in their names).

But then THAT didn't happen either because Geri got preggers and had her ADORABLE baby boy Monty.

Which leaves us back at square one, playing their girl-power-heavy Olympics opening ceremony sequence over and over.

It was amazing to be fair (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

However - Geri Horner recently spoke out, saying that Spice Girls fans are basically owed a reunion.


She proclaimed that she would always 100% be well up for a reunion concert - even if all five members weren't present.

OOH. Controversial.

QUIZ: Which of The Spice Girls are you?

Geri said: "My door is always open. I love the Girls, and I've always felt that the music belongs to everyone. It belongs to the fans as much as it does to us."

The mum-of-two then explained that fans don't necessarily need all of the members to be there, likening the Spice Girls to Fleetwood Mac: "I remember seeing Fleetwood Mac at a festival – sometimes there are three of them, sometimes there are five. We just want to hear The Chain!

"Same with our fans, they just want to hear the songs and reminisce, so for me, I'm really open as to how that lands."

These were the days (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

She addressed the fact that all five of the original line-up would probably not be up for it: "Of course, it's optimum when it's all of us."

But that wouldn't stop her: "For me, if the opportunity ever comes to pass I am first up, my hand's up for going, 'Yeah, I'm in!'

"This music is our landscape, it belongs to all of us."

You're right, Geri. We can't argue with that.

Until then, though...

Geri also opened up about being a new mum for the second time at 44, the differences between boy and girl babies - and the pressures on new mums to snap back into shape soon after giving birth...

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