Gemma Collins reveals horrific domestic abuse that left her bloodied and bruised hours before I’m A Celeb


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Brave Gemma Collins has revealed the violent domestic abuse that she suffered at the hands of an unnamed boyfriend just hours before she was due to fly to Australia for I'm A Celeb!

Gemma, 36, has spoken out about the incident which left her covered in blood and completely traumatised three years on to try and encourage other victims of domestic abuse to go to the police.

The TOWIE star gave photos to The Sun which showed her covered in blood and the damage that was caused to her flat after the violent attack.

Gemma had a pretty tough time in the jungle (Credit: ITV/ I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!) ©ITV/ I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The attack took place just hours before Gemma was due to fly to Australia to appear on reality show I'm A Celeb, which now explains her slightly odd behaviour during the show and was the reason behind her early exit.

She told The Sun that an old boyfriend beat her up in a jealous fit, leaving her completely traumatised: "I was really badly beaten. I was powerless. I should have pressed charges but I was in love with that person. I was in shock and had a taxi outside my house waiting to take me to the airport.

Whilst Gemma was brave enough to go to the police about the beating, she dropped charges against her former partner - something she now deeply regrets.

She detailed the vicious beating, saying that the unnamed lover beat her up and kicked her to the floor, repeatedly kicking her in the bottom of her spine, adding that he knew she suffered from a fractured coccyx.

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Poor Gemma was then locked in her flat by her attacker whilst he continued to beat her up, before going into her bedroom and "smashing up the place."

She revealed how she was able to escape: "I managed to find the last bit of strength in me and I flipped the bolt open on the door and crawled down the stairs, blood dripping down my face and if it wasn't for the neighbour at the bottom of the stairs – he called the police.

"I can't tell you what I said to them, it was just a blur. I dropped all the charges because I was too scared to see it through. I wish to this day that I saw it through."

She has been completely traumatised by the attack, and admitted that it has impacted her romantic life: "I go out on dates with new people but even if they move their arm too quick I jump because it never leaves your mind.

"I would consider myself a very strong person but even I wasn't strong enough to switch off to it."

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She's hoping to encourage others to leave an abusive relationship: "I want to speak out and say if any man lays a finger on you – you have to walk away.

"If they do it once then they will do it again. I have never actually escaped that night. Even though I am speaking out I do fear for my life."

She also addressed her now-infamous quitting from I'm A Celeb: "Unfortunately when I got in there, I could not get it off my brain and as the days went on I was in so much pain.

"I am gutted that everyone thought I was a quitter and hungry but that's not the truth."

And Gemma is determined to go back and prove herself: "I do want to return to the jungle and prove what I could do. It was a terrible thing that happened."

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