GBBO’s Nadiya Hussain reveals her wedding day was the worst day of her life – but why?

The baking champ had an arranged marriage at the age of 19

Nadiya Hussain Great British Bake Off

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Nadiya Hussain and her husband Abdul are happily married, are a fine example of true love and have three beautiful children together.

He was the one that made her sign up to Bake Off, supported her wholeheartedly throughout and became an online sensation when he burst into tears when she won.

However, Nadiya has honestly admitted that the day she got married was one of the ‘worst days’ of her life.

Whilst filming her new TV series, The Chronicles of Nadiya, she visited Bangladesh to attend the wedding of a distant cousin. Whilst at the ceremony, The Mirror reports that Nadiya had flashbacks of her own wedding day – an arranged marriage when she was 19-year-old.

Nadiya and Abdul Hussain Great British Bake Off

She said: “I have to say my wedding day was one of the worst days of my life. One of the unspoken rules is as a bride, you have to behave submissively and look downcast.

“I was an emotional wreck and I cried through the whole thing. I didn't smile very much. You are literally on show and it's something I was always really uncomfortable with.”

The Loose Women panellist is never one to shy away from being honest about the harsh reality of married life and admits that things were really hard in the beginning, especially as they didn’t know each other at first.

"Marriage isn't easy, especially when you don't know each other very well. We got married six months after meeting," she admitted.

She also revealed that her children will not be having an arranged marriage at a young age.

"I want something different for my children. I wouldn’t dream of arranging a marriage," she explained.

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