GBBO’s Nadiya Hussain reveals how she wants Twitter trolls to be dealt with

This isn't the first time the Great British Bake Off winner has been targeted.

great british bake off nadiya hussain on loose women

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The 31-year-old has previously explained that she had to enlist police protection whilst appearing on BBC One's GBBO.

She also previously discussed on daytime chat show Loose Women that she experienced racism when she was seven-years-old.

"When we were younger we had the chalk boards and the chalk would all fall against the bottom," she explained.

"They [the bullies] help me up against this chalk board and they got the chalk dust and smothered my face in it."

great british bake off nadiya hussain on loose women

And in May Nadiya confessed that she still experiences racism: "If I'm on the train, people will sit away from me, or God forbid I've got a rucksack or suitcase… I've been shoved waiting for a bus, had things thrown at me."

However, sadly, the TV star has now confessed that the last time she cried was because of Twitter trolls.

Nadiya told The Daily Express: "The last time I cried was… when I read a mean tweet."

As a result of this, she said she "would give Twitter trolls ASBOs", when asked if she could pass any law.

Nadiya isn't the only celebrity to face Twitter trolls, Kerry Katona's daughter Molly McFadden was under attack from horrible Twitter users when they commented on her weight following pictures in the Daily Mail.

The 14-year-old wrote in a statement: "Trolling can be really hurtful and damage some peoples' self-esteem.

"But personally it doesn't affect me because I'm a really strong person and was brought up by really strong parents."

Although Twitter trolls made Nadiya cry, when asked what was the best day of her life she said: "There are so many best days but the most poignant moment was winning Bake Off."

And we're sure that might change as she will soon have a wedding ceremony in the UK with her husband Abdal of eleven years!

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Watch the moment Nadiya's husband prosed LIVE on Loose Women.

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