Thanks to Gary Barlow, a lady has the permanent tattoo ‘GAY’ on her wrist

Uh oh.

Gary Barlow admits he was to blame for tattoo

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From touching tattoos in tribute to a loved one, to making your feet look great in a pair of sandals on your next trip to the Costa Del Sol - Tattoos are stunning pieces of artwork that you can wear forever.

Emphasis on the word 'forever'.

On Saturday night’s An Evening With Take That (swooon) a fan told Gary Barlow that when she had asked him to sign her wrist a while back, he had scribbled ‘Gay’.

‘Gary’ and ‘Gay’. R you having a laugh, Mr Barlow?

The fan then got the sharpie scribble etched across her wrist tattooed, so it would stay with her forever.

Gary Barlow is horrified when he sees a photo of the fans tattoo
(Credit - ITV)

Gary admitted it was his lazy penwork to blame for her misspelled tatt.

“I’m embarrassed to say that I was feeling slightly lazy that day so I just wrote ‘gay’”

GAZZA, you can’t do that!

He insisted he made up for her permanent ink and justified,

'But I made up for it because I put a kiss underneath… I don't do that very often!’

Gary Barlow's Tattoo is raising eyebrows
Credit - ITV

We can’t help but also think, if Gary has written his name wrong on your body part - scrub it off in the shower and get him to do a new one at his next book signing. Or get a flower tattoo instead. DON’T GO THROUGH WITH IT PLEASE.

Who's to blame for the misspelled tattoo? Should Gary Barlow have had an extra latte that morning or should the superfan have waited for another Barloe encounter? Please let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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