Gary Barlow surprises fan and sings at her wedding!

Gazza turned up to support one of his lifelong fans, Katie Hardy, on her wedding day


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Aww, just how lovely is Gary Barlow? In January this year, Gary announced to his 3.7 million Twitter followers that he would sing at three fans’ weddings in 2015, and then he upped it to five (because he’s nice like that). Take That super-fan Katie Hardy’s friends and family rallied around Gaz and launched a huge campaign (including a whopping nine million tweets!) to get him to sing at her wedding in August. Katie revealed she thought her chance was over when he had already performed at four of the five weddings, and announced that the last remaining one would be outside the UK. This is sounding exactly like the golden ticket situation in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory so far, no?

Katie, who has each member of Take That’s signatures tattooed on her arm, married her long-term partner, Steve, in Loughborough on Saturday and had no idea that sneaky Gary was planning to turn up all along. Steve even booked a Robbie Williams tribute act as he thought there was no chance of him showing up, but little did they know, Gaz was hiding right behind the corner of The Three Nuns pub…

A day to Never Forget (sorry)
A day to Never Forget (sorry)

We think it’s fair to say Gary has pretty much made Katie’s entire life, as she said: “I was astounded, there was Gary Barlow – at my wedding. I put my hand over my face and nearly fell on the floor. I couldn’t stop hugging him, he sang Rule The World and posed for photos with me and Ste and my friends and that was it, he was gone. It was the icing on the cake for me. I have followed him for 23 years, including when he was solo, I never lost faith. I am still on Cloud Nine, I hardly slept last night, thinking about it. He follows me on Twitter, so he’s obviously read the last few tweets I’ve posted. I’ve had a slipped disc, so I’ve been in bed and so he asked me about that. He was very thoughtful and caring, and said ‘How’s your back?’ and ‘Are you OK?’”

If you want to up your wedding performances again, Gary, we’re here.

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