Gabby Logan is bringing her children up to be gender fluid


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Sports presenter Gabby Logan has revealed that she encourages her children to be "gender fluid"

Gabby Logan is fiercely private about her children and family life.

So much so that it is very rare that she will post about them or upload any photos of them onto her social media pages.

But Gabby, who is married to ex-rugby player Kenny Logan, has opened up about her home life today, revealing that she and her husband encourage "gender fluidity" at home.

Gabby and Kenny have been married since 2001 (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

What exactly does that mean, we hear you ask?

Well, this is what Gabby had to say to The Sun.

She said: "I don't try to force my daughter into only being into girly things like clothes and make-up. And I don't try to force my son into only being interested in typically male things either."

Ahh - now we understand! It makes a lot more sense once you read the explanation.

She explained that she lets her two 11-year-olds Reuben and Lois choose what they will wear, too: "If my daughter wants to wear an outfit I don't like – or have her hair a ­certain way – I won't intervene."

Blimey - we wish our mums had been that way. There may be a few less embarrassing outfits in the old photo albums...

The 44-year-old also discussed online trolling, and how she explains that to her young daughter, who has often read awful things about her mum online.

She said: "I try and explain to her why I'm not upset and what I'll do with that and how it will motivate me to try and keep doing what I do to the best of my ability and be as professional as possible."

Inspirational stuff!

Do you let your children be "gender fluid" at home too? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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