Frankie Sandford opens up about post natal depression fears: Baby keeps demons at bay

The Saturday's star Frankie Sandford has credited her baby son with helping her kick her depression demons once and for all.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The 25-year-old star, who gave birth to son Parker Bridge in October 2013, has been very vocal in the past about her battle with depression - but has now said she feels better than ever after giving birth.

Having suffered from panic attacks and depression since she was a teen, Frankie feared that the condition would return in the form of post-natal depression once she'd had her son.

But luckily, the pixie-haired star says motherhood has actually had the opposite effect, with her son making her happier than ever.

Frankie Sandford and her fiance Wayne

'I was so paranoid. I assumed that I would [get pnd], but luckily I didn't. It's been a big relief. I can see how it happens - all of a sudden you realise that this little life is relying on you, and that's quite a big deal.'

Instead of feeling overwhelmed though, Frankie says it's given her a drive she's never experienced before.

'I've got another purpose to life now. It's not just me. I want to be happy for Parker, I don't want to be down around him. It doesn't mean he's cured me or anything, but it gives me something else to think about.'

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