Frankie: ‘As long as people want us we’ll be there!’

Singer Frankie Bridge on why she couldn't be a stay at home mum and how she keeps in touch with her Strictly Come Dancing pals

Frankie Bridge

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She’s been spotted this week showing off her pregnancy figure and blossoming baby bump as she stepped out wearing gym clothes and trainers – and Frankie Bridge tells Closer in an exclusive interview that she’s been doing Pilates to keep fit since falling pregnant.

Frankie, 26, says: “I’ve been doing Pilates during this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Parker I was too nervous to exercise and was told to wait after 12 weeks but now I think it’s about however you feel. At the moment I feel I do enough with running around after Parker – so I try not to stress about exercising too much.”

But despite constantly being on the run with 17-month-old Parker and also being heavily pregnant with her and footballer husband Wayne’s second baby – Frankie says she could never be a stay at home mum and wants to continue being in the Saturdays for as long as she can.

Frankie and Wayne Bridge
Frankie and Wayne Bridge

She says: “I think mums who stay at home are amazing but I love going to work. I believe there is always a happy medium but I enjoy my job so much. The girls and I have always done our own things. We’ve had babies, got married – but we’re still going strong! As long as people want us we’ll be there!”

She revealed earlier this year that she wasn’t able to take part in the Strictly Come Dancing tour after suffering with the effects of water retention and being unwell during her pregnancy – but Frankie tells Closer she hasn’t lost touch with the friends she made on the show.

Frankie says: “We all have a group chat so we stay in contact that way. I stay in touch with Kevin and Karen, which is really lovely. I bump into Pixie Lott the most – but it’s been good to meet up with people like Scott Mills who I didn’t know before.”

And despite finding fame at a young age in S Club Juniors and regularly performing to huge audiences with the Saturdays – Frankie says the bravest thing she’s ever done is appear on Strictly Come Dancing.

She adds: “The bravest thing I’ve ever done is go on Strictly. That was quite a big thing for me to go out there every week and do something different. Although everyone thought it’s something I already do, it was completely different and then to be on my own without the security blanket of all the other girls was quite a big thing for me. It was a lot scarier than I thought.”

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