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Frankie Bridge has showed off a completely different hairstyle after dying her hair platinum blonde in September.

After ditching her natural brunette locks for a platinum blonde pixie cut a few months ago, it seems that hair-chameleon Frankie Bridge has had enough of the bright colour.

The mum-of-two attended The Sun Military Awards on Wednesday, debuting a return to her natural colour.

Wearing a beautiful purple shimmery dress, Frankie looked stunning at the event - and has opted to keep her signature short crop style.

GALLERY: The hair evolution of Frankie Bridge


The hair evolution of Frankie Bridge (slider)

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October 2008

The crop is here, it's chocolate brown, and it's not yet blossomed into full asymmetric glory. Still, we applaud it.

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November 2008

Here we go. Yes, it's black, but it's also gloriously asymmetric. It's the beginning of an era where 'I'd like to see the manager please' hairstyles became fully legitimised.

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December 2008

If you can look good with your hair spiked vertically, then why not give it a go? We wouldn't necessarily nip to Tesco like this, but we salute her.

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December 2008

A sleeker, more grown-up version of the crop, Frankie still has it dyed jet black. Something that she'll experiment with over the coming years.

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January 2010

Now a lighter, chocolate brown colour, as Frankie's matured, so has her crop. Softer, shinier and a lot more flattering.

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September 2010

Frankie has a short-lived dalliance with blonde while doing the Help For Heroes show.

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November 2010

So after black, dark brown, and blonde, she decides to split the difference with gorgeous caramel low lights. And the crop is looking windswept and super-natural.

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November 2012

Two years on and the crop is still going strong, but looks to be growing out a little. Maybe it's time for a change?

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June 2013

She's pregnant, and opted for long, caramel low-lit extensions. Shiny, natural and gorgeous.

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July 2013

While performing at British Summer Time, Frankie goes for shorter extensions, presumably so the hair doesn't get in her face whle performing.

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December 2014

Now a mum, Frankie hasn't lost her glam edge. The crop is back, it's slicked, and it's cooler than ever.

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January 2015

How did her hair grow so fast?! We assume these are incredibly well done extensions - but still, the sleek and straight lob suits her as she starts Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals.

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May 2015

And for a third time, the crop is back. This time with a contemporary twist in the shape of a plaited faux undercut. Nice, Frankie.

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August 2015

It's full on bombshell time with these long extensions complete with subtle highlights and loose curls. Total siren.

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September 2015

A month later, and it looks like she's giving her hair a break from the extensions. Luckily, this cute and sophisticated lob (long bob) really suits her. As, we are starting to discover, does everything.

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December 2015

Still growing her hair out, Frankie has added some warmer tones while keeping her hair's natural wavy texture. We love this!

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September 2016

The best of the bunch, we think. Delicate, feminine and oh-so-pretty, this is pretty much Bob 101. And makes us want to run to the hairdresser.

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CREDIT: Instagram/ Frankie Bridge

September 2017

A year later, Frankie has opted to return to the pixie crop - but has gone for a shocking platinum blonde colour that really suits her!

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December 2017

Frankie debuts a brand new style just three months later at The Sun Military Awards, ditching the bright platinum blonde colour for a more natural brunette.

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March 2018

Frankie appears to have gone ever darker with her hair, sporting an almost-black shade of her signature pixie crop in an appearance on Loose Women.

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Frankie Bridge
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Posting a photo on her Instagram of her new look, Frankie wrote: "I had such an amazing night last night at the #millies awards.

"Such an honour to present an award and to get the chance to celebrate some truly amazing and courageous people. Thank you for all you do... 😍"

Fans rushed to compliment Frankie on her brand new 'do, with many saying how fantastic she looked.

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One wrote: "Best advert for short hair I've ever seen!" whilst another wrote: "Stunning, and loving your dark hair again."

Others wrote that Frankie had inspired them to try out the drastic pixie crop, and another wrote: "Your dark pixie is epic!!!"

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