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Are Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling having a baby boy?

Ryan and Eva revealed they are expecting their first child together earlier this month
Ryan and Eva revealed they are expecting their first child together earlier this month

They broke the hearts of women (and men) all over the world when they revealed their pregnancy.

Now it's been reported that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting a baby boy. all together now: Awww!

According to sources, Ryan, 33, and 40-year-old Eva are building a nursery in her $3.2 million Hollywood Hills home and they're going for male theme.

Can the world take another Ryan Gosling?

Blake Lively on the best gift Ryan Reynolds has ever given her

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds: beautiful AND thoughtful

It's safe to say we were jealous of Blake Lively from the moment we found out about her relationship with Ryan Reynolds.

But now the former Gossip Girl actress, 26, has revealed that not only is the real-life Green Lantern handsome, he's also extremely romantic.

When asked what the best gift she'd ever received from her 37-year-old husband was, Blake revealed he once made her a video of messages from everyone who has ever made an impact on her life.

But she returned the favour by giving him a collection of short stories written by their loved ones.

These two are winning for the best couple ever right now…

LeAnn Rimes cries when husband Eddie Cibrian TURNS DOWN acting job to keep her happy

LeAnn is very happy that Eddie isn't moving to Texas...

Apparently there's high maintenance, and then there's LeAnn Rimes.

The singer, 31, broke down when husband Eddie, 41, told her he wouldn't be taking an acting job on Dallas so he could stay close to her.

In scenes aired on their reality show, Eddie reveals the job would mean working in Texas for seven months, keeping him away from his wife and their two sons.

When Eddie breaks the, uh, happy news to LeAnn she replies: "Really, are you okay with that? The last think I want is for you to be resentful of the situation."

To which Eddie replies: "I am totally okay with it. To me it's completely worth it."

This makes Eddie seem both nice and thoughtful, and also a bit of a pushover.

Nicki Minaj debuts grabbing artwork for latest single

Nicki Minaj knows how to get our attention

Say why you will about Nicki Minaj, there's no denying she knows how to grab attention.

And that's exactly what she has done with the artwork for her upcoming single, Anaconda.

The cover shows Nicki 'dressed' in a tiny pink crop top and matching thong, crouching down in blue high top trainers.

Her make-up and hair is simple, but what grabs – and keeps – your attention is her bum.

Yes, Nicki, 27, has used her most famous asset to plug the song and we don't blame her – it's amazing.

The song is set to be released on 28 July, and is taken from her forthcoming album The Pink Print.

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