Farrah Abraham gives £900 to 6-year-old daughter Sophia… for losing a tooth

The Tooth Fairy gave a whopping £900 to Farrah Abraham’s 6-year-old daughter Sophia - for losing just ONE tooth!


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Farrah Abraham certainly didn’t make any friends in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year - but she still has a loyal fan in her daughter Sophia.

And, when she was reunited with her little princess, the former Teen Mom star was quick to notice that her little girl lost a tooth.

This led to Farrah, like so many parents, adopting the guise of the Tooth Fairy for the night.

However, unlike many other mums and dads, the reality star decided to treat her daughter to something a little bigger than the usual £1 coin.

Taking to Twitter, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant shared several pictures of Sophia cradling an armful of £20 notes.

She also revealed that the Tooth Fairy hadn’t just stopped at dishing out the cash for this tooth - she’d also bestowed a lipstick and a bracelet upon her little girl.

She captioned the shots: “ToothFairy presents were epic!

“Sophia got an amazing ToothFairy bracelet… priceless!”

It was later revealed that the bracelet was, in fact, crafted from Sophia’s two lost teeth.

Sharing a photo of the unique bitta bling, Baby Bee Hummingbird wrote: “Thank you for allowing us to craft Sophia’s Teeth into beautiful Keepsake Jewellery.”

However Twitter followers were NOT impressed by the Tooth Fairy’s extravagant leavings.

One wrote: “You're gonna end up spoiling her rotten where nothing is good enough when she gets older [sic].”

“So much trash! Seriously?” ranted another. “I feel so sorry for that poor little girl that has to have a mom that is never around and is an idiot!”

However, while plenty ranted and raved, some of Farrah’s most loyal fans contented themselves with cooing over her daughter.

“I can see where little Sophia gets her stunning looks from,” commented one Twitter user. “Your baby doll is going to break so many hearts Farrah.”

Would you do the same if you had the cash? Or is £900 way too much for a Tooth Fairy visit?

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