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Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell's relationship has taken an awful turn and fans are slamming the pair

A lot has happened over the past couple of days with Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell.

Steph was arrested outside her hotel in Enfield on suspicion of allegedly "attacking Jeremy". Jeremy was then pictured flying back to Ireland with a battered and bruised face, then it came to light that the former Hollyoaks actress was rushed to hospital after spending the day in police custody and then shocking details emerged about the reality stars explosive drunken fight.

Jeremy opened up to Closer magazine and his relationship with Steph (Credit: Celeb TV)

The Irish model exclusively opened up to Closer magazine's therapist Emma Kenny and admitted both himself and Steph "are very insecure".

Following the latest instalment in Steph and Jeremy's relationship fans have slammed the CBB couple with many questioning what will happen to their six-month-old son Caben-Albi. A lot of people criticised the reality stars because their turbulent relationship has played out to the public person, many took to Twitter to slate the parents.

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Many more have commented underneath Steph's latest Instagram photo, one somoene writing: "You're a mum yet you beat Jeremy black and blue, domestic abuse is disgusting. Even more so to do it when you're looking after a baby. Vile excuse of a woman."

Someone else said: "Domestic violence should never be taken lightly and brushed aside. Just awful. No excuses. Abuse is abuse. Poor little mite caught in the middle."

A third commented: "You and Jeremy need to grow up before that child is taken off you. It's not cute or funny or remotely romantic your on/off again attitude to your relationship. It's not healthy for either of you or the child. You both clearly have issues and it's looking more and more apparent that yous simply DO NOT and WILL NOT work as a couple, stop forcing it."

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell
The CBB couple have had a turbulent relationship since it began in the CBB house in 2016 (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty

Another added: "Can you remember when Steph said herself and Jeremy would 'never' drink again together? Lol, that lasted about five minutes. It's appalling that a tiny baby should be growing up in an environment of verbal and physical abuse. Steph's parents should adopt Caben and let Steph and Jeremy get on with killing each other away from an innocent infant."

One more wrote: "That Poor baby needs to be taken off you."

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