Fans of Megan McKenna defend star after she’s blasted for being ‘too skinny’


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Megan McKenna has always had a fabulous figure but now the reality star is under attack for her slender frame.

She sparked concerns after posting a shot of herself in a bikini to her Instagram account while enjoying some pool time in Las Vegas. Megan is no stranger to posing in a skimpy two-piece but this particular snap has got her 1.9 million followers worked up.

The image that caused concern... (CREDIT: Instagram/meganmckenna) ©Instagram/meganmckenna

Many fans commented on her visible ribs and expressed their fears that she had lost too much weight:

'Omg what's wrong. I can see your bones,' wrote one fan.

While others commented: 'Your a beautiful lady, But please think about the younger generation who follow you who are inspired by u, don't give them a wrong impression that ribs and bones showing are the way to look. Please think!'

'I agree with a lot of comments she does not look to healthy very thin would be very concerned if member of my family'

Megan isn't shy when it comes to posing in bikini (CREDIT: Instagram/meganmckenna) ©Instagram/meganmckenna

But many of Megan's followers leaped to the TOWIE star's defence and accused those critiscing her of body shaming.

Users wrote: 'Here comes the body shaming. Y'all are disgusting. Leave her alone.'

'She's reaching up and standing on her tip toes...obv, she is going 2 look thinner...!!!'

'Can people stop judging??? If she was considered 'overweight' would it be okay for people to say.. your fat you need to stop eating. No it wouldn't!!! 😡 she's on holiday last thing she needs it's loads of idiots complaining about her weight... let her do her thing... also it's a hot country she's not going to sit there eating all day is she?'

Did Megan post this shot to silence her critics? (CREDIT: Instagram/meganmckenna) ©Instagram/meganmckenna

Megan who suffers from Coeliac disease has claimed in the past that this is the reason she doesn't put on weight easily. She told OK! Magazine online: 'I never workout. I think being coeliac might be why I'm so slim. Other than that, I take vitamins everyday and make sure I get a good night's beauty sleep. I do (eat quite healthy), but I also eat a lot of McDonald's! I have a burger without the bun.'

We think Megan has always looked gorgeous.

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