EXCLUSIVE Sam Faiers interview: ‘Paul has been so lovely during my pregnancy’

After announcing her pregnancy in August, Sam Faiers has been enjoying taking things easy. Closer Online caught up with her to find out how she and partner Paul are coping, plus she spills the beans on her beauty secrets.


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How is everything going with the pregnancy Sam? Has your Chrohn's affected it at all?

Not at all! It's been absolutely blissful so far, I'm so lucky to have had such a great pregnancy. I've had no cravings or morning sickness yet – fingers crossed it stays like this!

How is your man coping with the pregnancy, is he being a doting partner?

He's been lovely. I think he's as surprised as me that there hasn't been much for him to put up with – I haven't been hormonal and there's been no sickness yet. He's pretty relieved that I'm just the same as normal!

What do you think Nelly will be like as an older cousin?

Absolutely brilliant. She's such a loving girl and so grown up for her age. I think she'll really want to look after my baby and be her best friend.

You always look flawless, what are the beauty rules you live by?

I always, without fail, take my makeup off before going to bed. I have a really strict skincare routine, and make sure to stick to it – cleanse, tone and moisturise. Ever since I've started doing this I've really noticed the difference in my skin. It's so much clearer and just glows. I just wear Rosehip oil during the day when I'm working, It's so important to let your skin breathe and wearing makeup every day dries it out. I snack on berries constantly, and drink at least a litre of water a day. I always have blackberries, raspberries and blueberries in my fridge, and carry a bottle of water with me.

‘It’s all about dewy, fresh skin for me now rather than caked on foundation’

How has your approach to beauty changed in the last five years?

It's more about having dewy, fresh skin for me now rather than caking it in foundation and concealer like I used to. I've realised that I suit the fresh, natural look, whereas five years ago I'd be all about the smoky eye and red lipsticks. When I'm on the red carpet, I want to glow and not look too fake.

What was your biggest beauty mistake?

Probably something fake tan related! Not exfoliating, wearing three layers of tan or ending up a mahogany colour that would just not suit my skin! I've had moments when I've had fake tan between my fingers, which is definitely not a good look!

Sam from her new perfume campaign
Sam from her new perfume campaign

What are the top five favourite beauty products you can’t live without?

Astral nourishing cream, Rosehip oil, Clarins lip balm, my lashes by Samantha range, and Pure, my new perfume.

Pure, the new fragrance, is avaliable from The Fragrance Shop and Glow will be avaliable at selected retail outlets from October.

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