EXCLUSIVE! Neon Jungle on Kim Kardashian’s naked photo: ‘Jess is a nudist’

The gorgeous girls of Neon Jungle have defended THAT Kim Kardashian snap - and opened up about their own naked photos


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Kim Kardashian may have gotten a lot of stick from people over her attempt to #breaktheinternet, but she's found some support in the Neon Jungle crew.

Even if they WERE left speechless when they saw her "nipples and moo-moo"!

Singer Amira McCarthy exclusively told Closer: "It was all shiny and in perfect condition… I feel like I've seen everything Kanye's seen, to be honest!"

But bandmate Jess Plummer was quick to lend her support to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, insisting: "She got a lot of stick for that because she's Kim Kardashian.

"Nobody would have thought twice if it was someone else… if Rihanna did it, that'd have been ok!"

Neon Jungle on stage
Neon Jungle on stage

But would the Neon Jungle girls follow in Kim Kardashian's well-oiled footsteps?

Not really, although Shereen Cutkelvin did admit that her bandmates often share boob snaps and nude selfies amongst themselves.

Jess explained: “I think that’s a normal girl thing. You know when you go to the gym and there’s that one woman who’s always walking about stark naked, that’s me.

“Of course I’d feel really betrayed and I’d never want the pictures to be leaked but it depends what kind of nudes. If you’re just naked walking round your house then whatever, but if it’s like you’re posing with your legs open then that’s bad.”

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Her bandmate Asami Zdrenka added: “I think Jess and her friends just send pictures of their boobs to each other. I’ll look at her phone and she’s having a conversation with her friends and there’s just pictures of boobs.

"Jess is always naked, she’s just a nudist.”

Amira, meanwhile, believes that - while taking nudes is a totally normal and acceptable thing to do nowadays - people need to prepare themselves for the possibility they could be leaked.

She said: “Obviously everyone’s taken a naked picture of themselves.

"[But] If you’re sending naked pictures to people then you have to be prepared for the backlash. There will be some guy thinking, ‘Can I get some coins for this?’”

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