Exclusive: Hayley Hasselhoff speaks to Closer Online

Plus sized model, actress and daughter of 'The Hoff', Hayley Hasselhoff speaks exclusively to Closer Online about being body confident, growing up on set, and family life.


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On her love for the U.K.

I’ve always wanted to move to Britain one day, it feels like my second home. Every time I come over here and get with a group of friends I think ‘I’m going to do it,’ but I think I actually will in January. I’ve started looking at apartments and I just feel really happy and centred when I’m here. I think it’s the right thing to do.

Hayley loves the U.K.

Being on the set of Baywatch was like one big family

It taught me a lot about the acting industry, about how you should make everyone you work with your best friend and your family. Getting to see my Dad (actor David Hasselhoff) do what he loves when I was so young, it really inspired me. We always felt like we were a part of one big family when we were on set. Everyone took turns looking after us while we were there and Jeremy Jackson (who played the Hoff’s on-screen son) became like our brother.

Hayley as a child and her Dad, David Hasselhoff

Plus size models inspire me

I remember being on my first shoot when I was 14, and seeing these incredible, toned, fit, plus size models and I finally thought ‘wow, we can do this.’ But I still have bad days body confidence wise - people don’t really open up about that enough. The key is to stay connected to who you are as a person, so even if I look in the mirror and think ‘I’m having a fat day’ I know that I am what I am and I like that person.

Hayley is now a succesful plus size model

Growing up in the Hoff household was very hyperactive

We all have very heightened personalities. When we get together - I am actually the quietest, which is weird because normally I’m very loud! We’re all very outgoing and loving, and I really feel very blessed to have such an awesome family. This year I spent Thanksgiving with my Dad and so I’m flying back to LA to be with my Mom.

Hayley says the plus sized industry has taken off since she began as a teen

Some things hurt when they come out in the press

Growing up under media scrutiny in one way is good because you get used to it. I feel like my background has taught me to be strong against that, and to remember why I’m in the industry - for the love of modelling and acting, not for the sake of being famous. I see other girls coming up and they don’t have that background, and they sort of get lost, it can be overwhelming.

I’m so pale I use specialist make up

I swear by Senna cosmetics, which I take everywhere with me. I’m so fair that even MAC doesn’t match my colour, so I will bring my own with me on whatever shoots I go on. I also swear by Eminence creams - they’re a hungarian company but they make really great stuff.

Photo Credit: Andres De Lara

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