Example wants Professor Green to be his baby’s Godfather

Best pals Professor Green and Example hit up the Kiss FM crew backstage with an exclusive double interview.


by Megan Sirisena |
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It was an evening of banter and revelations at Kiss FM's Haunted House party this weekend, with the crew being joined backstage by Professor Green and buddy Example for an exclusive double interview.

Amongst the regular banter, Example claimed that he'd "love him (Professor Green) to be the Godfather" of his soon to be born babe, admitting that "He does live far away but that could work”.


ln turn, his best pal seemed more than excited to take on the role: “I could do that. It must be amazing, I can't wait... No I can wait - don't want that to be a headline but to have a baby - that must be amazing”


More inside scoop followed as Green explained the confusion that took place on the set of his new music video for Little Secrets. It seems the girl in the video wasn't actually supposed to be in it.

“It was a brilliant shoot but they actually got the wrong girl," he explained. "It was between two tall actresses, both tall and blonde. We’d chosen but then our producer ended up pointing to the wrong one and she got the job. You just have to laugh at these things. It turned out great in the end.”

Pro Green went onto describe how he ended up taking a selfie with the rather unlikey duo of Ed Sheeran and Wayne Rooney.

“Yeah so, we were in this pub and Wayne Rooney was there singing Ed’s songs to everyone. He was singing Lego House. It was pretty crazy. He’s a lovely bloke.”

Check out the double whammy interview for yourself.

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