Everything you need to know about Bake Off’s Tamal Ray

If you have found yourself lusting after Great British Bake Off's Tamal Ray, then you NEED to keep reading..


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Who is he?

29-year-old Tamal Ray grew up in Hertfordshire with his parents who moved from India to the UK in the 1960s.

Tamal is a trainee anaesthetist

Tamal works as a doctor in a hospital in Manchester as an anaesthetist. It's a demanding job, but we bet that lovely Tamal has the most amazing bedside manner...

His Twitter bio describes him as a “Fuzzy haired doctor and lover of cake”. Too wonderful.

A man with healing hands who can bake? Sounds like PERFECT husband material.

He makes brownies for his night shifts

Rather than fuel himself with pot noodle and takeaway dinners, adorable Tamal bakes homemade brownies for his lengthy night shifts at the hospital.

He also makes a delicious looking date and ginger cake. Who could resist?

Date and ginger cake- YUM!

He’s pals with Flora outside of Bake Off

Proving that he has won the hearts of viewers AND his fellow contestants, cute Tamal shared a sweet snap of himself and Flora Shedden as they caught up over a few cocktails.

Bake Off has to be the friendliest competition around, right?

Tamal and Flora

He likes strong women

Tamal spends his days off baking and reading feminist memoirs such as Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind Of Girl and Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.

We LOVE that he admires strong, independent women. What a catch!

But maths isn’t his strong point

Even Tamal’s weaker points make him endearing. We all totally related to him when he made a bit of a maths error on Bake Off and went a bit off with his percentages.

"It's 50% grapefruit juice, 50% blood orange juice and then some honey as well. So, erm, it's not 50% of the others. Ah, maths."

We feel your pain Tamal!

Tamal’s big sister taught him how to bake

Tamal’s Bake Off journey started when he picked up the wooden spoon after being inspired by his older sister.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “I started baking with my sister.

“We used to make simple home classics. Fairy cakes were probably the first thing I ever made but we’d make other stuff like chocolate chip cookies, apple crumble and Victoria sandwiches.”

We bet dinner parties in Tamal’s household were VERY popular as they were growing up.

He baked his sister’s wedding cake

Tamal’s talents became so renowned, that his sister even went as far as to ask him to bake her a wedding cake.

Tamal has now made 5 wedding cakes. What a romantic!

He has several special baking tricks

He uses syringes to inject his cakes with syrup to make them even MORE delicious.

Who would have thought that doctor skills could help you become a better baker?

He’s shy!

It’s no secret that Tamal has a pretty big female fan base after appearing on Bake Off, but rather than let it get to his head he’s been left a little bit embarrassed by it all.

Taking to Twitter he wrote to his fans: “Some of the lustier tweets have had me crying with laughter.

“Also glad my folks aren't on twitter! #GBBO #blushingbaker.”

This is too adorable.

He got starstruck meeting Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

Like most of us, Tamal found it a bit strange meeting people he was used to seeing on TV.

He said about meeting the Bake Off hosts and judges: “I found myself thinking ‘Wow, I’m actually in the bake off tent and that’s Mary and Paul and they’re going to eat my cake!

“Also, having only seen Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue shrunk down on the telly it was strange to see them normal sized in real life."

Tamal, you had us at ‘ready, steady, bake’.

Is he single?

He is single, but he revealed in an interview with Radio Times that he is looking for a BOYFRIEND rather than a girlfriend. Sorry, ladies!

Fellas, on the otherhand, make an orderly queue!

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