Elen Rivas leads Anti-Bull Fighting petition at Spanish Embassy

Spanish beauty Elen Rivas has lead dozens of activists in urging Spain not to give political support to torturous spectacles.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Elen, along with many protesters, wore a bull mask to present the Spanish Embassy with a petition including 67,078 signatures.

The campaigners included members of Humane Society International/UK, League Against Cruel Sports, PETA and the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

The model said of the campaign:

"I am proud of my Spanish heritage but the fact that some people are still clinging to the tradition of stabbing bulls to death in bullfighting areas is something that the vast majority of Spaniards, including me, are ashamed of."

Bullfighting involves the animals being subjected to continuous stabbing with spears and daggers before a sword is driven through them. It causes the animals to die in an extremely painful way.

Elen campaiging in Spain
Elen campaiging in Spain

The proposed legislation in support of bullfighting seeks to protect it as a part of Spanish cultural heritage and to use public funds to pay for it and is currently moving through Spanish parliament.

Elen said: "Glorifying the deliberate slaughter of animals should not be tolerated in s civilised society."

Elen led the way for dozens of other campaigners

A recent poll revealed that the majority of Spanish people do not attend bullfights or want their taxes spent on the industry.

Similar petitions were presented to Spanish Embassies around the world.

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