EastEnders’ legend Shaun Williamson reveals haunting horror

He was stunned when he moved into his new house

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EastEnders star Shaun Williamson - aka Barry Evans who was brutally pushed off a cliff by Janine Butcher - has revealed he's being haunted by a ghost.

The former soap star has claimed that the ghost named Rosemary lives in his house and he discovered the unwanted guest on the first day he moved in with his wife Adele.

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shaun williamson
Shaun claims a ghost lives in his house ©Getty Images

Shaun made the confession on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre podcast and revealed he's getting help from his Celebrity Big Brother pal Derek Acorah.

"I was in Celebrity Big Brother with Derek Acorah and I believe he sees and feels everything he believes he sees and feels.

"We moved into a new house, myself and my current wife Adele. And straight away there were banging noises - we'd got a ghost."

eastenders janine butcher barry evans
The moment Janine shoved Barry off the cliff in EastEnders ©BBC

However a phone call from Derek revealed that the ghost has a name - Rosemary.

"Derek rang me up because he wanted me to be on his radio show and he said, 'Rosemary - Rosemary is the name of the lady who lives in your house.'"

Wait, what?!

derek acorah
Derek appeared in the CBB house alongside Shaun in 2017 ©Getty Images

The actor went on to say, "Boys always call their toys boys' names and girls call their toys girls’ names. So I'd always called it Dennis - and I'd shout, 'Dennis, I'm trying to work.'

"But it's Rosemary - so basically, yes, we do have a noisy ghost in our house and according to Derek, it's called Rosemary."

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Derek has previously opened up about being a spiritual medium and has said he has a sprit guide called Sam who looks out from him.

Back in 2017 - when the two men appeared on CBB - Derek brought Sam into the house however no one was able to see him on camera.

Derek claims he met Sam during a previous life, over 2,000 years ago, when he was an Ethiopian boy.

Speaking to Nottingham post he explained, "Sam was an oracle with psychic powers who travelled from village to village.

"When my village was attacked by some marauding invaders, I heard the screaming and I scampered away. When it settled, I crawled back to find my family had been massacred.

"Two days and nights passed before Sam arrived and shouted my name out. From then on, I travelled with him."

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