Eamonn Holmes urges mums to DITCH natural childbirth during This Morning debate

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford presenting this Morning

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Eamonn Holmes admitted on today's This Morning that he has no idea why women shun pain relief drugs during labour

Comparing giving birth to going to the dentist to have a tooth removed, the Irish presenter said there is no way he would turn down drugs to ease the pain.

He said: "Is there a difference between a man and a woman’s view on this? I can’t imagine going to the dentist and the man saying ‘lie back in the seat and just let that tooth come out and enjoy the whole experience around you.’ That’s the way I would see it."

WATCH: Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford reveal how mothers REALLY feel about parenthood on This Morning

Father-of-four Eamomn, 57, weighed in on the debate following a survey carried out by the ITV programme that found 40 percent of mums found labour worse than they expected.

Along with his wife Ruth Langsford, he spoke to one new mum on the show who told of her "awful and traumatic" experience of childbirth.

Nilufer Atik said she wasn't prepared for how long and painful her labour would be when she had her son, Milo.

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsfrod presenting this Morning
Eamonn and Ruth heard about new mum Niufer's "traumatic" labour* (Credit:ITV) ©ITV

She endured contractions for 54 HOURS and was then devastated when she had to have an emergency C-section.

She said she felt like she'd let her son down by not giving him a peaceful, natural birth.

Eamonn admitted he couldn't understand why women felt ashamed about using drugs in childbirth and was baffled about how they seem to compete against one another, as his wife boasted that she'd only used "gas and air" when having their son Jack.

He said: "The difference with a man is they would say which drugs did you have? I had that, that and that, why is it seen as a defeat?"

Distressed new mum and baby
A This Morning survey found 67% of new mums found being a parent harder than they thought*(Credit: Getty) ©Getty

Viewers weren't too impressed with Eamonn for chipping in on the issue, with one tweeting: "Joy! They've given Eamonn Holmes three women to talk over with his opinion guffs while they attempt to discuss childbirth. #thismorning".

Another agreed writing: "Eamonn needs to SHUT UP. Why is he talking about childbirth?"

This Morning's survey of 1,000 new mums also revealed that...

  • 62% had felt low since having their baby

  • 67% said they found being a parent harder than they thought

  • More than half (53%) sometimes felt they couldn’t cope as a mum

  • 63% felt under pressure to snap back into shape straight away after giving birth

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