Duncan James reveals Lee Ryan’s “heart is more with Casey and his d**k is thinking about Jasmine”

Duncan has revealed what HE thinks about his Blue bandmate's raunchy antics on Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - and explained why he thinks Casey is a "bunny boiler"


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All anyone is talking about at the moment is Lee Ryan's wandering hands on Celebrity Big Brother. He just can't seem to decide if he prefers Jasmine Waltz or Casey Batchelor - and he's gotten a LOT of stick for his player behaviour here in the outside world.

"Casey, she's acting like a bunny boiler if I must say so myself. And she must have known what Lee is like"

But one person who thinks Lee is just… well, just a bit misunderstood is his Blue bandmate Duncan James. And, in a new interview with a national newspaper, the singer has revealed exactly what he thinks is going on in Lee's head.

"The thing about Lee is, and no disrespect to him, he's not a player in the sense that he's calculating, playing somebody at a game because he's not that smart to think that, in that respect. He just goes with what he feels.

"And in his head he probably didn't think he was doing anything wrong. In his head he probably thought, "Oh well, I've been handcuffed to this girl Casey and she's really sweet and we had a little kiss and a cuddle", and in his head that's normal, that's fine.

"But his dk is probably telling him , 'Oh that Jasmine, she's really fit, I really like that one', but I think his heart is more in with Casey and his dk is more thinking about Jasmine if I'm honest. But he's a typical lad like that."


"I think Jasmine's the kind of girl that he'd want to take out and have lots of dirty sex with, and Casey's the kind of girl that he could take home to his mum and kiss and cuddle in the morning."

In fact, going on to speak about the girls, Duncan admitted that he thinks Casey is acting like a BUNNY BOILER when it comes to Lee:

"Casey, she's acting like a bunny boiler if I must say so myself. And she must have known what Lee is like, all you have to do is Google Lee Ryan and see what he's been like in the past. She's not that dumb - she's a 26-year-old girl and I'm sure she's heard about Lee Ryan before.

"And I'm sure she's read many many stories about what he's like. So don't be playing the victim and say, 'Oh, I really like you'. I just think you're a grown woman, you're not a child, you should be in control of your emotions at that age and know... And then for her to go back into that botlhole and be like, '"Oh I've got no knickers on, how do I kiss, do I kiss good?'

"It's like, come on girl, you know what you're doing, you know what you're playing. So don't make out that you're this poor heartbroken victim and then go in the toilets and kiss him again - you just make yourself look stupid."

Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor on Celebrity Big Brother

Duncan did go on to admit he does feel frustrated when he watches Lee bed-hopping between the two girls - but he understands it. Because Lee, according to his friend, is desperate to find love and be happy:

"Seeing him in the house, really liking this Jasmine girl and getting into bed with Casey, it's just a bit like, 'Oh God Lee, come on mate!' It's frustrating for me to watch him because I'm like, 'Come on mate, you're 30 now, you've got a couple of kids, you don't need to be... '

"But he wears his heart on his sleeve, he gets into the moment and he thinks that he's in love so quickly - he just wants desperately to meet somebody and be happy, because he has had really difficult times in his last relationships and he just wants to meet someone know and be happy, because he's at that age now where he really wants that."

Lee Ryan and Jasmine Waltz on Celebrity Big Brother

"But in that Big Brother house he's like a kid in a sweetshop, it's like, what sweet do you go for? And you're in a surreal surroundings in a house with people that you've never met and you're all thrown together and it's just a really bizarre experience I can only imagine."


Lee Ryan on Celebrity Big Brother

Do you agree with Duncan James - is Lee Ryan just a misunderstood romantic looking for the perfect girl? Or is he, as many others have suggested, a complete and utter player? let us know via the Comments Box below now.

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