Duncan James talks rivalry with Lee Ryan: ‘Hollyoaks is WAY better than EastEnders!’


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Hollyoaks actor and Blue singer Duncan James has spoken EXCLUSIVELY to Closer Online about his friendly rivalry with his bandmate and fellow soap star Lee Ryan…

Duncan James and his Blue bandmates - Simon Webbe, Anthony Costa and Lee Ryan - shot to fame in 2001 when their debut single, All Rise, shot to number one.

Since then, the Blue boys have been all over our TVs (who can forget Lee’s controversial CBB love triangle, Simon’s sexy moves on Strictly or Anthony’s I’m a Celeb waterfall showers?), so we weren’t at all surprised when Duncan, 39, landed a role in Hollyoaks playing killer copper Ryan Knight.

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Child soap stars - where are they now? SLIDER with cover pic

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child soap stars

Molly Conlin2 of 19

Molly Conlin (Dotty Cotton)

Molly played Nasty Nick's daughter Dotty Cotton in EastEnders between 2008-10 and caused endless mischief with Tiffany Butcher. But where is she now...

molly Conlin3 of 19
CREDIT: Molly Conlin Twitter

Molly Conlin (Dotty Cotton)

... 16-year-old Molly is now at college concentrating on her studies. After leaving the soap, the actress starred in Annabel's Kitchen, Horrible Histories and Blandings as well as adverts for Ragu Pasta Sauce and Bold 2 In 1.

Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster)4 of 19

Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster)

Corrie's bad girl had some meaty storylines including being kidnapped (twice!) and dealing with her mother's breast cancer diagnosis. Helen left the soap in 2011, but what has she been up to since?

Helen Flanagan5 of 19
CREDIT: Helen Flanagan Instagram

Helen Flanagan (Rosie Webster)

Six years since leaving the soap, the actress has appeared in I'm a Celeb, Celebrity Super Spa, Celebrity Wedding Planner and Holby City. She has had her first child Matilda with Scott Sinclair. So adorbs!

Melissa Suffield6 of 19
CREDIT: BBC 1 EastEnders

Melissa Suffield (Lucy Beale)

Before Hetti Bywater, The Square's tearaway Lucy Beale was played by Melissa Suffield. But where is Mel now...

Melissa Suffield7 of 19
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Melissa Suffield (Lucy Beale)

...since leaving Walford, Melissa has evolved as an actress and has since starred in Casualty and played the role of Norma Jean in a musical about Marilyn Monroe.

Tom Cunningham8 of 19
CREDIT: Channel 4 Hollyoaks

Ellis Hollins (Tom Cunningham)

Ellis Hollins has played Hollyoak's Tom Cunningham since he was just four-years-old and his storylines have gripped us all, from dealing with his mother's shock death to dealings with Sienna Blake... But where is Tom now?

Tom Cunningham9 of 19

Ellis Hollins (Tom Cunningham)

Fourteen years later, Ellis is still in Hollyoaks (as lovable as ever) and was even spotted in Ibiza partying! Oh and he won a British Soap Award, no biggie!

Sam Aston10 of 19
CREDIT: ITV Coronation Street

Sam Aston (Chesney Brown)

Sam Aston played the adorable Corrie's Chesney Brown since 2003. Speaking about life growing up on a popular soap, he said 'At 16, all my mates were getting fake IDs and going to pubs I always knew I couldn't do that.' But where is Sam Aston now?

Sam Thompson11 of 19

Sam Aston (Chesney Brown)

Sam is engaged to his girlfriend of five years Briony Gardner! The star had previously said: 'I do think I'm romantic. I like to treat my girlfriend, buy her flowers and make a fuss of her.'

Eden Taylor Draper12 of 19
CREDIT: ITV Emmerdale

Eden Taylor-Draper (Belle Dingle)

Eden Taylor-Draper has played Belle Dingle since 2005, when she fell down a mineshaft on Christmas day. Speaking about being a child actor she said at the time, 'there is no time to go off the rails like Belle, I go home and learn my lines and I am in bed by 9pm!' Where is Eden now?

Belle Dingle13 of 19

Eden Taylor-Draper (Belle Dingle)

Eden is still in Emmerdale and recently was involved in a storyline where Belle pretended to be pregnant to keep her boyfriend. Uh oh.

Ben Mitchell14 of 19
CREDIT: BBC 1 EastEnders

Charlie Jones (Ben Mitchell)

'Enders troublemaker Ben Mitchell has been played by a handful of actors, but we'll never forget the sweet Charlie Jones who was tormented by the evil Stella. Where is Charlie now?

Charlie Jones15 of 19
CREDIT: BBC1 EastEnders

Charlie Jones (Ben Mitchell)

Charlie is now studying acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts – he looks COMPLETELY different to his Walford days.

Charlie Clements16 of 19

Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning)

Albert Square's favourite ginge (apart from his onscreen dad Max, obv) Bradley, was a knitted jumper-wearing sweetheart and made us want to pinch his cheeks through the television between 2006 - 2010. We are still getting over his tragic fall, where he saw his grizzly end. Where is Charlie now?

Bradley Branning17 of 19
CREDIT: Twitter: Charlie Clements

Charlie Clements (Bradley Branning)

We hardly recognise Charlie Clements with a beard! The actor uploaded the snap to Twitter with the caption. "A year ago everyone was up in arms because I looked SO different at 28 to 18.. bet they didn't expect this at 29! #actor 'chameleon', He has since starred as Charlie Brackenreid in Murdoch Mystereries.

Sonny Flood18 of 19
CREDIT: Channel 4

Sonny Flood (Josh Ashworth)

Of course you remember Hollyoak's rather swishy-haired Josh Ashworth! His character was best known for dating Amy Barnes and an array of outlandish storylines including attempted murder, underage sex, drugs, drinking and joy riding. Where is Sonny now?

Sonny Flood19 of 19
CREDIT: Instagram

Sonny Flood (Josh Ashworth

Sonny has since completed a law degree at the University of Manchester, working as a paralegal. Miles away from underage drinking a pint at The Dog, eh!

But Duncan isn’t the only member of Blue to have turned to a career in Soapland, as last year Lee bagged himself a part in EastEnders as Woody Woodward.

And now that Blue are due to embark on a nationwide tour, will there be any rivalry between the two soap stars? Duncan dished the dirt..

blue duncan james lee ryan
Duncan and Lee looking suave with their Blue band mates ©Getty

"I wouldn’t say there's any rivalry at all, we both work hard!" Duncan told us... before going on to totally change his tune!

"There’s no competition about it, but I’ve got to say Hollyoaks storylines are way better than EastEnders'!"


ryan knight hollyoaks duncan james
It's been non-stop drama for Duncan's character Ryan in Hollyoaks! ©Lime Pictures

He went on: "Sometimes I’ll talk to Lee and ask what he's been up to at work and he’ll say he had to bring someone a cup of tea. I’m like, wow, I killed somebody today, I’ve snogged three people, I’ve hidden a body!"

So, er, there is a bit or rivalry then!

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In fact, Duncan revealed it's Hollyoaks' adventurous storylines that keep him loving his job...

"The thing is with Hollyoaks, if someone was to bring a cup of tea you just know that it’s poisoned or it’s going to explode or something – it’s not just a normal cup of tea in Hollyoaks!

"I think that’s why it’s so much fun doing my job, because the storylines are SO full on, it’s insane.

"I mean, I murdered my wife on my wedding day whilst having sex with Adam Rickett... it’s mental! But people love it."

We sure do!

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