Dawn O’Porter on losing her mum to cancer, friendship and living for the moment

Tv presenter Dawn O’Porter has shared her thoughts on living life her way in the special New You supplement out in this week’s Closer.


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Look after your mates

Friendship is everything. Everything! Even when you find the love of your life, your friends remain so important to you. Look after them, cherish them and build memories with them so that if your lives go separate ways, you can meet up after years and still have a million things to laugh about. Hanging out with girlfriends and looking back on good times is the best. As is creating new memories.

Stop saying how old you are and start realising how young you are!

I’m bored of people moaning about how old they are. I’m 34. When I get to 44, I’ll look back at being 34 and think: ‘I was so young’. We should all live in the moment more and feel young, not old. I tell people to shut up when they go on about it now, it’s such a waste of energy and I don’t want to be made to feel like the best years are behind me.

Take loads of photos

I’m obsessed with photographs. I take them all the time and get upset when I miss a significant moment. When I lost my mum at six to breast cancer, I was left with very little material stuff. I don’t have any of her clothes or belongings, just a few pieces of her jewellery and a fur hat. Photos of her have become some of my most precious possessions. You can never have too many photos of the people you love.

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Dawn and husband Chris O'Dowd
Dawn and husband Chris O'Dowd
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