Davina McCall ‘I won’t ever stop going to AA meetings’

Davina McCall

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TV presenter Davina McCall has admitted she won't stop going to AA meetings, despite being sober for over 20 years.

Davina may have abs to die for and posts a flurry of #health posts to Instagram, it appears the 49-year-old is still vary of her old habits returning.

The TV presenter told the Sunday People that she finds the meetings 'inspiring' and 'helpful'.

‘I’ll definitely never be recovered. I love going to my AA meetings and don’t think I will ever stop,’ Davina revealed.

‘They are very welcoming. All my mates are there, it’s a social thing and they inspire me.’

The presenter has always spoken very openly about her previous addiction battles and wants to help others who find themselves in a similar situation.

‘I started talking about it a long time ago because I wanted to tell people in my own words,’ she confessed.

‘I’m talking 25 years ago so it was especially shocking back then. I was the only presenter who had been an addict.’

Davina added,'“Even us talking about this now is incredible because 20, 25 years ago it wouldn’t have happened which is ­fantastic – but we all still need to do more. In so many things, LGBT, mental health, addiction, poverty, racism, let’s just keep going forward.

'What’s important is it is not embarrassing ­any more and it’s not looked down upon to seek help. The main thing, whether it is mental health or addiction, is just that people talk about it.'

Preach it Davina.

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