David Beckham on his retirement: “I still want to be successful and set a good example for my children”

David Beckham has spoken about his retirement, insisting he is still ambitious and wants to set a good example for children.


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The former footballer, 39, admitted in an interview that he still as so much more that he wants to achieve, despite his incredibly successful football career.

He told the Metro: “I’ve retired from playing football but I haven’t retired from wanting to be successful, or from being ambitious and wanting to produce and wanting to be the best.

“I want to set a good example for my children. I don’t want to just sit back and do nothing.”

David might have retired from playing football, but he still has ambitions
David might have retired from playing football, but he still has ambitions

During the interview, father-of-four David discussed his growing fashion business and his collaboration with high street brand H&M. He said that, even after wife Victoria’s extreme success, he wouldn’t rush into anything.

He said: “I think that’s what Victoria has done so well. She’s always kept her collections real small and has built things slowly. Now it’s at a point where everyone wants to be involved. That’s how we’ve both always done things.”

And David insisted that he doesn’t just put his name to his collections, and that he is involved in the whole creative process. “I can actually draw,” he said, before adding that he’s hands on with ‘each detail, from the drawstrings to the stitching, to everything.”

He is emulating Victoria's approach to launching her successful fashion label with his own

Obviously as a designer it’s nice to see people wearing your brand, but David told the newspaper of recent slightly weird experience. He said: “The other day, a guy came over to me in a restaurant and was like, ‘I have to show you.’

“He literally pulled his t-shirt up and pushed his trousers down to show me he had the pants on. I was like, ‘great.’ But, you know, it makes me proud that people are wearing it and like wearing it.”

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